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Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers now have some insight into why chef Adam Glick is so hot and cold in his relationship with Jenna MacGillivray.

Adam Glick
Adam Glick|Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Glick finally opened up to viewers about why he suddenly shuts down when MacGillivray tries to become personally intimate with him. Viewers have watched MacGillivray tell Glick she felt closer to him and even that she loved him. But then Glick would turn away and in some cases even lash out at MacGillivray.

During a recent conversation, Glick told MacGillivray he was ready to get in his van and simply drive away. Why is he so averse to committing to her?

Glick opens up about his childhood

Glick finally shared a little about his backstory in an emotional confessional. He first apologizes to MacGillivray and they appear to get back on track. “It’s hard for me to have the emotional attachments,” he admits in a confessional as cameras capture Glick and MacGillivray in an embrace.

“Because my parents worked internationally my entire childhood,” he continues. “I was drug around in and out of schools. Make friends, goodbye. Make friends goodbye.”

“Of course I want a great relationship,” he insists. “Up until this point in my life, I’m not convinced that I’m capable.” Glick looks close to tears as a producer asks if he thinks he’s the problem. “Yeah,” he says nodding, his voice cracking. “F**k yeah. I know I’m the problem.” At this point he seems to be so choked up he has to turn away.

Jenna MacGillivray goes all in (but maybe to her detriment)

Glick tells MacGillivray he is going to put forth more effort in their relationship. While it doesn’t appear that he shared his backstory with her, she seems to be more determined than ever to make the relationship work. While under normal circumstances that would be a step in the right direction. But her determination to make the relationship work interferes with her job.

MacGillivray later tells Glick she is going on break and jumps at the chance to snuggle with him in her cabin while Madison Stalker is left to manage service. Cameras capture Glick and MacGillivray in bed. But also stew Georiga Grobler was told to go on break too. Stalker is exhaustively running back and forth between the guests and the bar until deckhand Ciara Duggan realizes something is wrong.

Duggan stops Stalker and asks her what is going on. When Stalker tells Duggan she’s the only one on service, Duggan gets a little heated. “This is getting a bit out of hand,” she tells Stalker. Adding, “When you’re not doing your job properly someone else is having to,” Duggan says in a confessional. “It’s not fair on the rest of the crew members.” 

Duggan alerts Captain Glenn Shephard to the situation, who now seems concerned. He points out that interior service has dropped and later summons MacGillivray for a talk. However, she is irritated that he’s calling her out. Will their discussion end in an argument?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs on Monday at 9/8c on Bravo.