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When Captain Glenn Shephard from Below Deck Sailing Yacht wanted to ensure his guests had the optimal view, he asked the deck team to help secure the yacht into the best position.

This meant boarding the tender and enrobing a giant rock near shore with a heavy chain. Shephard’s idea is to “orient the boat so the guests can see the town,” he says in a preview clip to deckhand Parker McCown. “We’re going to try to get a line on one of those rocks over there.”

Below Deck Sailing Yacht
Below Deck Sailing Yacht | Photo courtesy of Bravo

Shephard was under the gun because the yacht couldn’t set sail that day. Sailing is likely a priority for the guests so Shephard was trying to think of a way to still give the guests something memorable from their day. While lassoing the rock may sound like a simple concept, McCown learns it turns into a pretty time consuming and arduous task.

McCown knows he’s in for some work

McCown listens as Shephard explains what needs to be done. “So we’re going to need to get that chain, the shackle …,” he says. McCown blurts out looking worried, “That’s gonna be …” But Shephard offers, “It’s gonna be OK.”

Meanwhile, chef Adam Glick pines over the evening’s menu, while chief stew Jenna MacGillivray takes photos of the guests. The crew gets into position as chief engineer Byron Hissey drops anchor. The deck team deploys the swim platform as first mate Paget Berry directs McCown to prepare the tender. McCown says he’s never done this before so Berry explains.

“Pretty simply how it works, we’ll get over there, we’ll see which side of the rock is and we’ll loop it around,” Berry says as the men drag the extremely heavy chain onto the tender. “Dude, all your veins are popping out,” McCown jokes as Berry delivers the heavy chain to the tender.

Not such a simple task

As the guests lounge in the hot tub, Berry and McCown approach an enormous rock settled not far from shore. “Right, so let’s see if we can get it over it,” Berry says as he examines what he and McCown are up against. Shephard looks on from Parsifal III.

“Throw the chain?” McCown asks while devilishly laughing. “I don’t know dude.” The chain is extremely large and heavy, which makes the deck team’s job a challenge. Meanwhile, Hissey and Shephard curiously look on from the yacht wondering what Berry and McCown are doing. “They must have found a rock they’re happy with,” Shephard wonders.

Well … “There’s no way I’m getting the chain over that big-ass thing,” McCown exclaims pointing at the rock. “All we got to do is get me and the chain on the rock.” Finally, Berry moves the tender close enough to the rock so McCown is standing on the massive structure. “Under pressure, I think I work at my best caliber,” McCown explains in a confessional. “There’s less time to think.” Even though McCown was safely on the rock, getting the heavy chain around the rock isn’t so simple.

Berry and McCown continue to struggle and strategize while time drags on. Shephard says, “He’s got the right idea, but I hope he doesn’t lose his balance.” By the time the deck team finally gets the chain around the rock, Shephard jokes, “It’s almost time to have breakfast!”