‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’: These Crew Members Are the Most Likely to Cause Drama

Although the crew is only a few episodes in, chef Adam Glick and chief stew Jenna MacGillivray from Below Deck Sailing Yacht shared which crew member is most likely to stir the pot.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht
Below Deck Sailing Yacht | Photo courtesy of Bravo

Thus far, deckhand Ciara Duggan and boyfriend first mate Paget Berry have been pretty good at getting some of the drama started. Duggan usually works in the interior but was moved to the deck team. This has caused a bit of friction as the couple has had a few moments of bickering on deck. Also, third stew Georgia Grobler was upset by how Glick treated her during dinner service.

She confided in MacGillivray only to find out that MacGillivray shared her concerns with Glick. Previews show Grobler in tears and seemingly miserable. But Glick and MacGillivray cite other crew members as “most likely” to get drama started.

Who is likely to bring the drama?

Glick and MacGillivray played “Who’s Most Likely To: Below Deck Sailing Edition.” The chef and chief stew think the crew members who would cause the most drama is a tie between deckhand Parker McCown and second stew Madison Stalker. “Yeah, actually if Madison and Parker became a couple …,” Glick starts. MacGillivray finishes, “That would be very dramatic.” Glick adds, “Tornado.”

Speaking of couples, Glick and MacGillivray almost became a couple after their first charter on the boat. The two had almost instant electric energy the minute they met. They flirted relentlessly during the charter and then ended up in the hot tub with a bottle of wine.

Although viewers were teased that the couple hooked up, they decided it wasn’t a good idea. Glick went to his own bunk and MacGillivray ended up sleeping in her swimsuit.

What about the rest of the crew?

The game didn’t stop with drama. Which crew member is most likely to end up becoming a captain? Glick thought perhaps McCown. However, MacGillivray pointed out, “I think the one most likely to become a captain would be Paget. “I mean he is the first mate. A natural progression.”

One thing McCown is likely to do is to get in trouble with the captain, according to MacGillivray. “Yeah,” Glick said smiling. “Poor guy.” But when it came to the person likely to party too hard? Glick pointed to MacGillivray. But MacGillivray wants to add Grobler in that list too. “Georgia knows how to drink,” she adds. Glick also thinks that MacGillivray is most likely to get naked on a yacht too.

But MacGillivray thinks chief engineer Byron Hissey takes that honor. Glick agrees. “Oh well, also known as Hank,” he says. MacGillivray says “Hank” is Hissey’s alter-ego. And when Hank emerges, the clothes come off. Glick also points out that the entire crew was guilty of leaving a mess when the yacht was supposed to sail. He describes items flying around because things weren’t put away in the crew mess. “There is zero awareness of sailing,” Glick explains. “So sh*t would just be sitting on a counter, ready to fly.”