‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’: This Guest Thought He Was Going Down With the Boat

Sailing can be a pretty wild experience, which is exactly more than what one Below Deck Sailing Yacht guest anticipated.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht
Below Deck Sailing Yacht | Photo courtesy of Bravo

Previews show one of the upcoming charter guests get a little more than what he bargained for when Captain Glenn Shephard sets sail. The guest appears to be slumbering in his cabin below deck, apparently unaware the sails went up. Although cameras show Shephard launches the sails after 5 p.m., the guest may have been napping, completely unaware of why the boat is heeling over.

However, when he wakes to the boat on a tilt, it appears he becomes concerned and can’t help but head to the flybridge to make sure the ship wasn’t sinking.

Is it the Titanic?

Many of the guests are awake and on the deck, watching the sails go up as Shephard kills the motor. They marvel in the majesty of the sails, appreciating the experience. “Look at these beautiful f**king sails bro, have you seen these things,” one guest says to another. “Tell me that ain’t something!”

The same guest ventures over to another friend to point out the size of the sails as another guest captures the moment on his phone. However, not every guest is into the excitement of sailing. Expletives can be heard from one of the cabins as a guest was sleeping as the boat set sail. “Is this the Titanic?” the guest is overheard saying in his cabin.

The previously sleeping guest is now awake, clearly worried something is wrong. Since the boat is heeling over, he is seen grabbing furniture and stumbling to find help. His face is awash with concern as he searches for the crew. He makes his way to the flybridge where the crew can instantly tell he’s worried. He tells the crew he almost fell out of his bed. “I got a little nervous, I thought I was on the Titanic, I wasn’t gonna say anything here,” he exclaims. The crew laughs as they realize he’s actually fine but startled.

This group is going to be insane

Beyond getting into sailing, this group of guests is going to also really get into partying. A lot. Another preview shows that they go out to a bar at night and then want to take the party back to the sailing yacht — and invite a D.J. too. One of the guests asks deckhand Parker McCown if he could find a D.J. Thankfully for the guests, McCown is successful and the guests begin to invite people from the bar to return back to the yacht.

Meanwhile, McCown gives second stew Madison Stalker the heads up so she knows what’s coming. “It’s gonna be another long night,” she says in a confessional. Indeed as the guest is overheard saying they planned to “go until 4 or 5 a.m.” 

As the guests arrive on the yacht, Stalker is ready and hands out shots. Although she’s wearing her “stew face” it is clear she’s in purgatory. “Here comes the s**tshow, here we go,” Stalker says in a confessional.

Buckle up as Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Monday night at 9 p.m. / 8 p.m. central on Bravo.