‘Below Deck’: Tanner Sterback Is Recovering After Recent Accident

Below Deck deckhand, Tanner Sterback revealed he was recently involved in a serious accident and is recovering.

Sterback shared that he was hit by a car while in South Florida. “Always wear a helmet!” Sterback started his Instagram post. He also included a photo that showed his injuries. “Sorry I haven’t gotten back to everyone who has reached out to me about my recent accident.”

Tanner Sterback
Tanner Sterback |Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

He added, “To let everyone know, I was riding my electric skateboard home when a car had come too close for comfort! Waking up in the ICU was intimidating. I suffered a fractured skull, and a few abrasions..The sublime doctors at the Broward trauma center have called me very lucky and after a week in the hospital I am grateful to be home with my family surrounded by love and gratitude. Long road of recovery ahead but I am so grateful and I plan on continuing to shine a positive outlook, share positivity and love. I Hope everyone is safe and doing well. Much love!”

Fans wished him a speedy recovery

A number of friends and fans reacted upon learning the news. “Omg. Sorry to hear this. You’re a warrior. Get well soon,” one of Sterback’s friends replied. Another friend wrote, “Reach out if you need anything buddy. Tito and koda could use a reunion. Just shoot me a message and I’m there.”

But generally, fans sent healing vibes and wished him well. “God bless you !!!!! And make sure you get out of bed and use your spirometer to keep your lungs clear ⭐️,” one person suggested. Of course, the news came as a surprise to others. “Dude, had no idea, so happy you’re well and hope to see you in the next season,” a person wrote.

Sterback will likely have a long road to recovery. He included a photo with his post that showed a number of lacerations on his knuckles, arm, and face.

But this ‘Below Deck’ moment was the ‘sickest’ he’s ever been in his life

Sterback will have to share how being hit by a car compared to getting food poisoning in Thailand. Cameras captured Sterback completely sidelined for nearly an entire charter as he battled a stomach bug. He told Decider he contracted “sweet belly,” which is essentially food poisoning. “There was actually a point for three days where I couldn’t eat or drink anything. I tried so hard just to have a glass of water and it would come right back up within seconds,” he said.

 He recalled how eating a cheeseburger while filming pushed him over the edge. “First bite I was like, this is the grossest burger I’ve ever had but kept eating it, where you know somethings wrong. I’m gonna throw up thinking about it,” Sterback shared.

Adding, “Ugh, man. It was the sickest I’ve ever been in my life.” He had several medical professionals tend to him on the boat, who gave him IVs and antibiotics. “They didn’t know what was wrong with me,” he recalled. “I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.”