‘Below Deck’: This Former Crew Member Would Love to Work With Rocky Dakota

Former Below Deck third stew Rocky Dakota has at least one crew member who would love to work with her someday. A smattering of crew members throughout the last seven seasons assembled in the Watch What Happens Live Clubhouse and dished about who they’d love to work with if given a chance.

Emil Kotze, Connie Arias, Raquel Bartlow
Emil Kotze, Connie Arias, Raquel Bartlow | Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Some crew members voiced obvious choices with one crew member saying she’d love to bounce over to Below Deck Mediterranean. Also, quite a few Below Deck cast members have a desire to work with crew members they didn’t work with during their season on the show.

Second stew Kat Held from seasons 1 and 2 said she’d like to try her chances with deckhand Trevor Walker from season 4. Walker didn’t make it very long on the show after he angered pretty much the entire crew with his snarky comments. “There’s that gentleman Trevor,” Held remarked in a digital original. “I think me and him could cause a lot of damage. I think it’d be fun!”

Bosun Kelley Johnson wants to work with Rocky Dakota

Like Held, bosun Kelley Johnson would like to work with another controversial cast member. First, he gushed about his newfound friendship with deckhand David Bradberry.

Although the two never worked together on the show, they formed a strong friendship bond in real life. “There’s two crew members that I’d love to work with,” Johnson says smiling. “And that Dave is my first choice. Since he’s a former Marine, we always get together. Just Marine’s vibe really well together.”

Johnson’s second choice is Dakota. Bravo captured Johnson and Dakota in a sweet hug. “She’s crazy but she’s fun. I’ve worked with her off the show and she was great.” Johnson’s sister Amy also worked with Dakota during season 3. While most of the crew turned on Dakota, Johnson always had a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on for the third stew.

What about a crossover?

Stew Jen Howell would love to venture over to Below Deck Med. “I don’t know if this qualifies or disqualifies me but Below Deck Med,” Howell says. “I would love to meet Hannah, there’s a few others that I think would be fun to do like an all-star season where we even did crossovers between Below Deck Med and Below Deck.”

Bradberry has his crew in mind but admits this team would be pretty boring for viewers. “Eddie, Kelley and I were just chatting about that we would love to work together,” he shared. “I feel like it would be the dream team, maybe a boring team because we would just work and there would be zero drama!”

Second stew Amy Johnson said she thinks “Jen’s the bomb dot com. And she’s hilarious, so you know what? I’d like to work with Jen. If you make Kate [Chastain] pee in her pants, you’re definitely gonna make me pee in my pants!” Deckhand Connie Arias worked with Amy Johnson and said she’d love to work with Johnson’s brother. “I mean a guy version of Amy,” Arias asks. “Come on, he’s gotta be great.” Fan favorite, Josiah Carter from season 6 was also a crew favorite as many cast members want to work with him too.