‘Below Deck:’ What Are Some of the Coolest Yacht Water Toys?

No season of Below Deck would be complete without a massive display of cool yacht water toys. Beyond the tenders and jet skis, deckhands are typically putting up a giant inflatable slide, a water trampoline and other toys that allow guests to reconnect with their inner child.

While most deckhands make no bones about how much they dislike getting out (and putting away) the toys, both crew and guests alike can agree that yacht water toys are extremely fun.

Rhylee Gerber, Tyler Rowland | Photo by: Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

In fact, viewers haven’t seen the full array of toy possibilities on Below Deck. Like superyacht choices, toy choices can also be extremely extravagant. What are some of the coolest toys on the market?

For land and sea

Some toys can go directly from the ocean to land. For instance, an amphibious jeep can transform from boat to car, according to Forbes. That’s right, the Terraquad Amphibious Jeep lets you book it at up to 45 to 50 mph on water or land.

You’ll look like something right out of a James Bond movie cruising across the water. Once you hit land it only takes less than five seconds to transform into jeep form. This nifty jeep will set you back about $40,000 or more.

Underwater camera submarine

Grab the handles and your scuba gear to use this amazing underwater camera system. The SEABOB F5 SR has seven power levels, two fully integrated HD cameras, and even WiFi. The motor allows users to easily glide underwater while grabbing as much breathtaking video and stills as possible, Forbes reports.

Another personal submarine to consider is the TTR-SB Seawolf FPV, according to Boat. This personal sub comes with a remote control joystick and the ability to transmit video footage to your smartphone.

Better than jet skis

Jet skis seem to always make a Below Deck appearance. And while jet skis are a total blast, check out other jetted toys you could enjoy. The Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1 lets riders get their workout and ride in one, according to Forbes. Or check out the Zapata Flyride. This nifty creation is like a flying jet ski, allowing the rider to actually become airborne.

If you like snowboarding, you’ll love the Mako Slingshot Jet Board. This electric powered wakeboard uses jet power that riders can control with a handheld remote, Forbes reports. Or consider the Jetsurf Pro Race, Boat suggests. This fun toys allows you to ride the waves even if they aren’t rocking.

Futuristic jet pack flyer

Hover over the ocean in a flying yacht toy that looks like something from the Jetsons. The Jet Lev allows you to harness the power of jet propulsion to launch you over the water for a bird’s eye view.

This toy does more than allow you to take to the sky. The Jet Lev also propels you under the water for additional exploration.

Floating volleyball court

Just because you are out to sea doesn’t mean you can’t have a sweet volleyball game. With this inflatable volleyball court, anything is possible, plus pretty fun. The Aquaglide Super Volley comes with a regulation volleyball that is attached to a 4mm bungee so you don’t have to go swimming in case it is hit out of play. The court accomodates up to six players and can set you back about $7,000.

And if you have children…

Some toys are perfect for kids on the yacht. For instance, this cute banana boat is a fun towing inflatable you can use with the tender, according to Boat. The banana is big enough so parents can ride with their children too.

For the water skier in training, the Jobe Dolphi Trainer can help get those little ones on their feet. Part inflatable tube, part waterski, the trainer allows kids to learn how to get comfortable with water sking at their own pace.

Although adults will love this just as much, a cool inflatable rock climbing wall will keep the kids occupied for hours. The FunAir rock wall offers three color-coded climbing paths so kids can literally climb their way back into the yacht when they are finished swimming.

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