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Below Deck fans know chief stew Kate Chastain loves a good tablescape and theme party. She takes pride in her elaborate table designs and recently revealed her all-time favorite.

Kate Chastain
Kate Chastain | Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

The interesting aspect of this reveal is that it may also be one of Chastain’s most bizarre tables to date too. A fan inquired after seeing the pedestrian request for a St. Patrick’s Day party on a recent episode. “Curious what the weirdest theme @Kate_Chastain has put together in her life this Irish one is a lazy frat boys dream theme,” the fan inquired.

Chastain answered the question, even furnishing a photo of her favorite, albeit weird table theme design. “My weirdest theme yet surprisingly favorite tablescape: Italian Cauliflower Glamour!” The fan seemed impressed with what Chastain can do with a cauliflower. “I’m impressed cauliflower and roses, what a beautiful combo.”

Tablescapes are like putting together an outfit

Chastain shared with  People TV that to her, doing a creative tablescape is akin to designing an outfit. “For me, it’s like an outfit,” she dished. “The placemats are the jeans and the napkin is the top. The napkin ring is the jewelry. I love it!”

During the Below Deck Mediterranean season, Chastain tweeted a photo of another favorite tablescape. “Honestly tablescapes are my favorite part of the job. I called this one “circus glam”… was inspired by our group of charter guests that were being insane,” she wrote. She added,  “It’s circus. There’s popcorn. Because the guests were acting like circus animals. I was venting. I enjoyed them sitting at a table that was inspired by them and they didn’t realize it.”  

She also recalled another table she truly enjoyed creating for Thanksgiving in 2012. “God, I was so proud of this,” she told Decider while recalling the table.

Chastain offers this advice to creating a magical tablescape

Tablescape design is an art form but can be learned with the right direction. “More is more,” Chastain told Decider. “You are building a tower, a tower of elegance. [Which includes a] tablecloth, a runner, a charger for the placemat, a placemat, a charger for the plate, decorative plate for the actual plate. We’re talking seven items, just keep adding stuff.”

Don’t forget the details like adding napkin rings which are “just another sign of elegance. The more s**t you have on the table, the fancier you are.” Plus, don’t violate this rule. “No plastic anything. No plastic cups, no plastic cutlery, ever. Even when I get to-go food, no. I say, don’t even bother with the cutlery. I’m not even trying to save sea turtles.”

Fans also know Chastain loves her fonts and recommends place cards at the table. “Love place cards, handwritten if you have good handwriting, I do.” If your handwriting looks more like something written by a serial killer she has this suggestion.“Maybe take a calligraphy class,” she recommended while laughing. “Morning of, watching YouTube videos.”