Below Deck Med’s Bugsy Drake Delivers Spicy Shade to Hannah Ferrier, Offers to Send Her a Tablescaping Book – ‘Hannah, I Hope This Inspires You’

Christine “Bugsy” Drake from Below Deck Mediterranean thought she and Hannah Ferrier ended their season in a positive place. But after Ferrier said she wouldn’t be buying Drake’s new tablescaping book during a Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen appearance, Drake had a message for Ferrier.

“So funny enough, we actually, I thought we ended on a good note,” she said on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast. Ferrier even took to Twitter after she was fired to tell fans Drake had nothing to do with her dismissal. In fact, Ferrier and Drake seemed to find common ground after Drake returned to the show.

Bugsy Drake sets a table on Below Deck Med
Bugsy Drake sets a table on Below Deck Med |Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/ NBCU Photo Bank

Bugsy Drake offers to send a copy of her book to Hannah Ferrier

Drake admitted she did not see the WWHL episode when Ferrier said she would not be buying Drake’s book. “So I didn’t watch that, that episode, but I’d heard about it,” she said. “And I thought, well, it’s a shame, you know, I’m always happy to send her a free copy. You know, maybe, maybe it will kick things back off on a good note with us. Or maybe inspire her. Cause I know she said she gets people to set her own tables now. But you know, maybe it will inspire her to set one of her own.”

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Adding, “I would just say, Hannah, I hope this inspires you.”

Tablescaping was Ferrier’s Achilles heel as Captain Sandy Yawn rode Ferrier about how she set her tables. Drake took pride in her tablescaping, which only added fuel to their animosity.

Why won’t Bugsy Drake refer people to Hannah Ferrier’s yachting course?

Ferrier started a yachting school after she left the show. Drake said she won’t be referring people to the school, but it has nothing to do with shade.

“I don’t think I will be referring people to her course just because of the fact, and it’s not like a hating thing, but I’ve got like, you know, icons for other schools that are, I’ve had firsthand experience with,” she said.

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“And you know, every time I kind of promote these schools that I’ve actually gone through myself, people like jump at me like why are you not promoting Hannah’s school?” she continued. “And I’m like, well, I’d have never had my own personal experience and I’m not going to promote something I’ve never had like firsthand experience with. So yeah, that’s also another reason why maybe she should get a copy of my book and experience it for herself.”

Drake was recently dragged into the war of words between Ferrier and Yawn. She believes Yawn’s comment about how Ferrier “waits tables” was twisted. “IMHO: We are in the service industry and a lot of the time people relate the service aspects of a stewardess to that of a waitress,” she tweeted. “It’s NOT a bad thing! I was a waitress before I was a stew and I think that a waitress, just like anyone else, has a very tough job.”