Ben Affleck Is Raising Money For Charities During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Celebrities have been getting creative with ways to use their platforms during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. People around the world have self-isolated, either at government and medical insistence or of their own volution. Meanwhile, famous people have not stopped entertaining their fans. Celebrities have recorded special videos. Talk show hosts have continued producing their shows remotely. Ben Affleck, for one, has amplified the needs of charitable organizations.

Ben Affleck: The Way Back
Ben Affleck | JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX / AFP via Getty Images

In March, Affleck shared three different charities on his social media platforms, including his plans to donate himself. Affleck has 2.9 million Twitter followers and 4.1 million on Instagram. Here are the causes he’s raising awareness for and the sorts of donations they need. Affleck’s latest movie, The Way Back, also got an early VOD release. You can now watch it at home.

Ben Affleck donated to The Midnight Mission

On March 25, Affleck shared that he’d donated to The Midnight Mission. He also asked his followers to donate too if they could. “The @midnightmission’s meal service lines tripled this past weekend,” Affleck wrote. “If you are able to, please join me in donating.” The donation link is in his Instagram bio too.

The Midnight Mission provides meals to the homeless in Los Angeles. On March 28, The Midnight Mission shared their thanks and wish list for more COVID-19 supplies. 

The previous day the Midnight Mission explained how the stay at home orders were impacting the homeless. They are also educating people on safety precautions.

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for SiriusXM

“When ‘Safer at Home’ was ordered, it took away 90% of the places where they could charge their phones, access Wi-Fi, or participate in community events that kept them connected and informed. Groups who used to serve in the streets stopped and many service providers have reduced or stopped their outreach and other services. The Midnight Mission Staff and Program Participants created this banner to connect with and inform our neighbors of the precautions they must take to stay well.”

Ben Affleck also endorses Robin Hood and Tipping Point

On March 28, Affleck retweeted writer Yashar Ali’s tweet from March 19. Ali asked for donations for Robin Hood and Tipping Point. Both anti-poverty organizations pledged to give cash to hourly workers losing income during the business closures. Ali started a GoFundme to raise donations for those organizations to pay hotel, restaurant and bar workers.

Affleck asked his followers, “If you can, please donate to @yashar’s fund which will directly support hourly workers impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.” 

His pinned tweet is for Feeding America

Affleck pinned a March 14 tweet to his profile. It’s a donation link to the food bank organization Feeding America. The page says $1 can provide 10 meals in their nationwide food banks. Feeding America is still putting together food boxes, while remaining six feet apart.

“During this time, I’m thinking about our most vulnerable – children losing access to meals they rely on, friends and family who are facing job disruptions, the elderly, and low-income families,” Affleck wrote. Join me in supporting @FeedingAmerica.”