Ben Simmons’ Ex Did Not React Well to His Involvement With Kendall Jenner

It’s not always easy to find out that one’s ex-partner has moved on and is dating someone else. That was what happened to Ben Simmons’ ex-girlfriend when the basketball player began seeing Kendall Jenner in 2018.

However, Simmons’ ex could actually have another reason to be mad, and it has something to do with why Simmons broke up with her. Read on below to find out what happened between Simmons and his ex, and what she did after their breakup.

Ben Simmons reportedly broke up with his ex because she was acting like a Kardashian

Ben Simmons playing basketball
Ben Simmons | Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Before Simmons started dating Jenner, he was in a relationship with R&B singer Tinashe for some time. In mid-2018, Simmons and Tinashe split up, and according to a source, it was because Simmons did not like that Tinashe was “doing Kardashian sh*t.”

Of course, Simmons moved on to dating Jenner, though some people believe that he might have cheated on Tinashe.

In fact, Tinashe’s brother Kudzai quickly tweeted in defense of his sister. He wrote: “Never met you before in my life. days after u break my sis heart u do this… People all lied on her talking fake news about my sis *doing kardashian s— * u cheat on her w a Jenner.”

Tinashe ‘drank for six months’ after Ben Simmons started dating Kendall Jenner

Recently, Tinashe decided to open up about the day she found out that Simmons was seeing Jenner. Speaking to Us Weekly, she revealed that she felt down about it for a long time.

“It may have been the worst day of my life,” Tinashe said. “I drank for, like, six months after that! Are you kidding me? I was, like, wasted for months. But I’m OK now.”

Are Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner still together?

Simmons and Jenner were known for keeping their relationship on the down-low. Unlike her sisters, Jenner has often made it clear that she is not comfortable showing off her private matters, so not much is known about her and Simmon’s romance.

According to some insiders, the pair met via mutual friends. Based on paparazzi photos of them, they also went on dinner dates and shopping sprees often. They were together for about a year before breaking up in late 2019.

Their split seemed to have been a mutual one with busy schedules and long distance being cited as the reason (Jenner lived primarily in Los Angeles while Simmons was playing in Philadelphia).

A source shared with E! News: “Kendall knew she had several out of the country trips coming up and thought it would be best if they took some space. It’s been hard for them with the time differences and both of their schedules but there is a chance they will get back together.”

Yet, some fans believe that the two of them did not stay broken up for long. In fact, there are signs that they might have reconciled and are now giving love another shot.

In December 2019, Jenner was spotted at one of Simmons’ games, and she was also reportedly hanging out with his friends. Then, on New Year’s Eve, Simmons rented out a rooftop restaurant for a party, and Jenner was seen coming in with him before midnight.

More recently, the two of them were spotted at a beach together in Miami. They seemed to still be very close, which makes fans believe that they are most definitely together. Of course, Simmons and Jenner are still notoriously tight-lipped about the details of their relationship.

Perhaps only time will tell whether Simmons and Jenner can get back together and make things work the second time around or not.