Bennifer Compatibility: What Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Astrological Signs?

With Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reportedly rekindling their nearly decades-old romance, some may wonder if they’ll have what it takes to go the distance this time around. Showbiz Cheat Sheet spoke with an astrologer about the celebrity couples‘ compatibility based on their signs and what’s going on in the stars right now.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got engaged in 2002

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck during the 'Daredevil' premiere in 2003
Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck during the ‘Daredevil’ premiere in 2003 | Chris Weeks/FilmMagic

After meeting on the set of their film Gigli, Lopez and Affleck began dating in 2002, following her split from then-husband Cris Judd. They quickly became the most prominent couple in Hollywood, earning the portmanteau “Bennifer.” Lopez and Affleck announced their engagement in late 2002.

Less than a year later, poised to tie the knot, the pair called off their wedding, allegedly due to the media frenzy surrounding it. However, Lopez and Affleck broke up just a few months later. Both went on to marry other people and have children, effectively ending the dream of Bennifer — or so many believed.

They rekindled their relationship in 2021

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After years apart, Lopez and Affleck began spending time with one another in 2021. The news of their reunion broke shortly after she called off her engagement to Alex Rodriguez, and he split from actor Ana de Armas. What brought them back together after so much time away? It could be the stars.

According to astrologer Michelle Fedrizzi of The Auric, the North Node in Gemini in 2021 mirrors that of when they got engaged back in 2002. “The North Node in Astrology is our destiny, it is what we are meant to do, be and have, and oftentimes this can relate to our purpose or even our love stories,” she told Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

Lopez and Affleck were born under the same sign

Lopez and Affleck’s birthdays are less than a month apart. While she was born on July 24, he celebrates his birthday on August 15. This makes both of them Leos. Sharing an astrological sign could be a positive thing, though it has its challenges.

“This couple really can stimulate each other’s mind and go deep into each other’s soul, which is what they have been looking for in all of their other relationships,” said Fedrizzi. “This is the relationship that they both have always desired but also scared to show up in because it mirrors all of their parts of themselves they may not want to see.”

What could get in the way of them making it work

With the North Node in Gemini, Lopez and Affleck “have a few months to really do the work and rekindle that love story and to hash out what didn’t work for them the first time,” said Fedrizzi. “When the North Node moves into Taurus, it will be the make it or break it in their love story for good as it will reactive the energy from September of 2003 when the North Node was in Taurus, and they called off their engagement,” she added.

Other challenges could befall Bennifer. Fedrizzi noted their communication might suffer due to their Mercury in Leo. She added that with Ben’s Mercury in retrograde, he “tends to bottle his emotions,” while Lopez likely “blurts [hers] out without thinking.” Despite these potential challenges, there’s still hope for this fan-favorite celebrity couple. “The cosmos is on their side supporting them to make it work,” Febrizzi finished.