Julie Bowen (Claire Dunphy) Shares Who Her Favorite ‘Modern Family’ Character Is

With Modern Family wrapping its 11th and final season, some fans are finding it hard to say goodbye to characters like Phil, Claire, and the rest of the Dunphy-Pritchetts. Here’s what cast member Julie Bowen had to say about one of her favorite characters, Phil Dunphy

Jay Pritchett and Phil Dunphy of 'Modern Family'
Jay Pritchett and Phil Dunphy of ‘Modern Family’ | Tony Rivetti via Getty Images

‘Modern Family’ premieres its final episode during 2020

Some viewers felt like they were a part of the family with ABC’s original television show. Gloria had another baby, Alex went to college, and Haley had twins. Though some joined the cast earlier than others, each character is a piece of this loveable Modern Family. 

Cast members commented on their favorite episodes, their favorite characters, and even their favorite Phil’s-osphy quotes. That includes Julie Bowen, who portrays the mother of three and Pritchett’s Closets & Blinds employee, Claire Dunphy. 

Haley, Phil, and Claire Dunphy of 'Modern Family'
Haley, Phil, and Claire Dunphy of ‘Modern Family’ | Tony Rivetti/ABC via Getty Images

Who are the cast’s favorite characters?

Although fans have their own personal favorite Modern Family characters, a few of the cast members shared who their favorites are. As part of an interview with ABC News, Julie Bowen shared who her favorite character is. Of course, it’s her character’s husband Phil Dunphy. 

“There’s something that Ty Burrell has done with that character that has taken him from odd and funny to, like, he’s like the unicorn of TV dads,” Bowen said. (According to fans on Ranker, Phil Dunphy is the fan-favorite character, as well.)

The ‘Modern Family’ cast shared which were their favorite episodes 

With over 200 episodes released and available for binge-watching, it’s pretty had to pick a favorite. For Sofia Vergara, her favorite episodes include season 1’s “Hawaii” and season 3’s “Dude Ranch.”

“I love all of the trips,” Sofia Vergara said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “We work, of course, but since the whole cast is in the same hotel, it’s like a big vacation. Really, I love all of it because I’m new to acting, and every time I’m on set, I’m learning. Chris and Steve have good energy, and they understand how to talk to each of us. Chris even talks to me with my accent — well, everyone does my accent, but he does it really well. I didn’t know he was doing it at first; I just knew I could understand him better.”

Eric Stonestreet shared that his favorite episode had to do with Cam’s lovable clown alter-ego, Fizbo. Season 1’s “Fizbo” showed how the Dunphy clan planned to celebrate for Luke’s birthday. 

“I loved the ‘Fizbo’ episode, and I was fortunate enough to win the Emmy for it,” said Stonestreet. “It was very personal. All I ever wanted to be growing up was a clown in the circus, so it was really a full-circle moment for me. I mean, having an episode of primetime television named after a goofy clown character you played when you were 11 years old in Kansas is a pretty big ‘wow’ moment.”

New episodes of Modern Family premiere on a weekly basis. The series finale of Modern Family will air on April 8.