BET Is Reportedly Working on a New Girl Group Show

According to a new report, BET may be getting back into the music reality series game. If you remember correctly, Kelly Rowland‘s Chasing Destiny was the first major effort from the network but it was very short-lived. If this new report is anything to go by, another show could be joining its ranks.

Members of June's Diary in 2016
Members of June’s Diary in 2016 | Paras Griffin/Getty Images

‘Chasing Destiny,’ headlined by Kelly Rowland, came out a few years ago

Kelly Rowland has had several stints with reality television. She’s appeared on several different reality television programs over the years. Most notably, she was a judge on The X Factor both in the UK and the U.S. She was a permanent judge on the eighth season of the U.K. edition and on the third season of the U.S. show

Aside from The X Factor, her other major stint on reality television was on the BET reality singing competition/docuseries, Chasing Destiny. In the series, she and choreographer and director Frank Gatson Jr. searched for members of the next big girl group. The show found the group June’s Diary. Despite this, Rowland was not involved with the group long after they started putting out music. They were also let go from Epic Records.

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In 2016, Rowland talked about why she seized this opportunity to create a girl group in an interview with the The New York Post. “I felt like there was a void for a girls group in the music industry and this is something that I have wanted to do since Destiny’s Child’s Destiny Fulfilled tour,” she said. “There were so many girl groups back in the day and now there is only one [Fifth Harmony]. I want to show that women can get back to making money together.”

In a 2019 interview on The Terrell Show, June’s Diary said said, “Kelly was trying to put out music prior. I think Chasing Destiny really gave her the confidence to just go out there and do it again, work on a[n] album and work on her project.”

The group still consists of its original members, Kristal Lyndriette, Ashly Williams, Brienna DeVlugt, Shyann Roberts, and Gabrielle Carreiro

Here’s what a report says about the new show that could be on the way

It looks like BET is trying to get back into the space, despite Chasing Destiny only being on television for a season and the group from the show not reaching major success yet.

As The Jasmine Brand reports, “BET is allegedly gearing up to release a new show prepping a girl group. Sources tell us that the working title of the show is allegedly Next Chance Girl Group and that they’re currently filming. No further details about the project have been released.”

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If this project pans out, it is likely that confirmed information could be released within the coming months.