Bethenny Frankel Refuses to Go Topless for Shapewear Photoshoot on ‘The Big Shot With Bethenny’

The Big Shot With Bethenny is in full swing. Bethenny Frankel is looking for her second-in-command, so every competition counts. One of the newest episodes showed a contestant asking Frankel to go topless. This is what happened after she refused.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for The Big Shot With Bethenny.]

Bethenny Frankel refuses to go topless for a shapewear photoshoot

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The episode “The Only Rules Are My Rules” started with the last half of the photoshoot promoting Skinnygirl shapewear. Correy Kaiten still had to do his photoshoot.

He pulled Frankel aside and instructed her to do things differently. The business owner and models were dressed in shapewear. Correy instructed them to have a pillow fight for pictures.

“My vision is a real loungey look,” Correy explained. “I want them to feel relaxed, at home. It’s Friday night. We’re at home having fun talking about guys.” 

I feel like this is something that’s down my lane as far as marketing a product and a photoshoot ‘cause I’m an event planner and this is what I do on a daily basis,” he continued.

Frankel wasn’t thrilled about this idea because being in shapewear on a couch isn’t realistic. “I don’t know what men think that women do at sleepover parties. But we’re now in Candyland,” she said in her interview.

Things didn’t get better. He had them sit on a couch to pose. He then asked if they would be comfortable going topless then cover their breasts with their hands.

“I don’t think we should be topless,” Frankel told him. “You want to be bottomless?” she asked him. He then said, “I can be” and laughed. 

“I understand that you’re interested in a tasteful nude today, but I’m just thinking maybe we should go with the shapewear on since we’re marketing shapewear and not my ta-tas,” Frankel said in her interview.

The episode had an unexpected ending

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It wasn’t surprising Correy ended up at the bottom for his poor decisions. Nicole Rosé was also at the bottom for not paying enough attention to Frankel to take her photos.

In the end, Frankel really struggled to decide between them. She decided Correy wasn’t ready to be on her team but gave him a job as an assistant. She also kept Nicole, who impressed her with her loyalty to Correy.

Correy was brought in to meet Frankel’s team. They told him he would do anything for Frankel, from addressing problems in her home to managing her social media profiles for herself and her dogs. He will also continue to be on the show as he starts this position.

Frankel is definitely not afraid to go against the traditional reality competition format. Fans will have to see how Correy will do as an assistant and who will win.