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Fans have been fearing for Kim Wexler’s life for the duration of Better Call Saul for obvious reasons. She’s one of several main characters who are notably absent by the time Jimmy McGill fully transforms into Saul Goodman and starts associating with Walter White in Breaking Bad.

Prior to Episode 8, the idea of Kim exiting Jimmy’s life because she gets killed seemed a bit far-fetched. Even though Jimmy himself was flirting with danger by associating with the cartel, Kim was always far removed from that part of his life.

But now? A pivotal meeting proves that Kim is closer to danger than ever before. And fans are terrified for her.

[Spoiler Alert: Spoilers ahead for Better Call Saul, Season 5, Episode 8]

Kim Wexler
KIm Wexler | Michele K. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures

Kim is not happy that Jimmy becomes a true ‘friend of the cartel’

Before Jimmy heads to the desert to pick up Lalo Salamanca’s bail money, he discusses the plan with Kim, just like he promised — no secrets. Only this is one adventure Jimmy will eventually wish he’d kept to himself.

Kim doesn’t hide how much she hates Jimmy’s plan. “There’s no amount of money that is worth this,” she says, pleading with him not to pick up the $7 million by himself.

As Jimmy continues to assure her it will all be fine, Kim flat out tells him, “I don’t like this. I don’t want you to do it.” But he ignores her warnings and goes anyway.

Kim Wexler meets Lalo Salamanca, putting her life in danger

When Jimmy doesn’t come home, Kim meets with the only person who knows exactly where he went: Lalo Salamanca. Kim misrepresents herself as part of his legal team to arrange a prison visit and find out why Jimmy never came home after the “easy” mission of retrieving Lalo’s bail money.

Lalo doesn’t know what happened with the money yet. But he seems more concerned that Jimmy told Kim about the plan at all, showing a rare moment of anger that’s different than his normally laid-back, jovial personality.

“Who the hell are you that he tells you my business?” Lalo demands to know from Kim. He seems a bit relieved to find that Kim is Jimmy’s wife — He even calls her “Mrs. Goodman.” But Lalo and the cartel’s knowledge of Kim’s existence just provides serious leverage for them in the future.

Fans fear Kim and Lalo’s meeting is leading up to her death

Earlier this season, it would have seemed slightly far-fetched to assume the cartel would hunt down Jimmy’s loved ones to get to him. But now that Kim has voluntarily put herself on the cartel’s radar, and admitted he tells her their secrets, her life is in incredible danger. Fans are worried that this decision could lead to her murder.

All along Jimmy’s been playing a dangerous game and downplaying the severity of his actions. But now that Kim is involved, the true consequences could be dire.

Fans already know that Kim must either die or disappear — if Saul Goodman only has two ex-wives, and those were both explained away when Kim and Jimmy got married, then there’s no way they divorce. If they aren’t still married in Breaking Bad days, then now with Lalo knowing Kim, there’s a good chance she does get killed.

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