‘Better Call Saul’: Concern for Kim and Nacho Grows After Warning of ‘More Physical and Emotional Violence’ in Season 6

With the final season of Better Call Saul looming, fans are bracing themselves for the worst. The series left off in April of 2020 with many characters in startling situations. As they become more entangled in the criminal world, viewers are worried about their fates. There’s notably a lot of concern for Kim Wexler and Nacho Varga, especially after show producer and writer Thomas Schnauz’s comments on Better Call Saul Season 6.

Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman
Bob Odenkirk | Lewis Jacobs/AMC

Bad things will happen in ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6

Chatting with Den of Geek, Schnauz spoke on the next season of the show, warning there would be “more physical and emotional violence” against certain characters.

While he couldn’t “swear that it’s any more than [the show] had before,” he said it’s likely given that this is the final season. “We’re coming to the end, so whatever happens will probably hit harder,” he noted.

Schnauz’s remarks come after Bob Odenkirk, who stars on the show as Saul Goodman, said he believed season 6 would contain “a lot of violence.”

“I’m finding out script by script [how the season goes],” he previously told Collider. “I’m told that the wheels come off in Season 6 and it explodes in a million directions. That sounds to me like there’s a fair amount of violence, but I don’t know for a fact.”

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That has fans worried for Kim and Nacho

Because of Kim’s absence in Breaking Bad, fans were already worried that something bad might happen to her. That concern has only grown after watching her story play out on Better Call Saul. Kim is at a point where she’s displaying some seriously disturbing behavior. So much so that viewers are wondering if she’ll survive this story.

Schnauz’s comments have only added to that, with one fan saying on Reddit that, “‘Emotional violence’ has got me concerned about Kim.”

“I’m already preemptively sad for whatever happens with her,” another added.

“I’ve constantly been worried about [her],” said a third fan. “Next season is probably when it goes all wrong for her.”

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Some are also nervous for Nacho, who as viewers know, has a target on his back after helping coordinate the attack on Lalo Salamanca.

“Aint gonna be good for nacho,” said one comment.

Others were more concerned for his father.

“Thoughts and prayers for Nacho’s dad,” one fan said, as another wrote, “Nacho’s dad is a goner.”

“I’m worried about Howard,” another countered, seemingly referring to Kim’s plan to set him up.

There were also some who wondered if Lalo himself would die, as Gus Fring makes a comment to Hector Salamanca in Breaking Bad that implies he’s no longer living. But it’s possible he only thinks he’s dead because Lalo faked his death. We guess we’ll see.

‘Better Call Saul’ returns in 2022

Fans will be able to see how it all unfolds when the show returns to AMC. While there’s no exact release date just yet, the series is expected to premiere in 2022. Keep an eye out for more details as they arise.