‘Better Call Saul’: Fans Believe Mesa Verde Bank Appears in ‘Breaking Bad’ With a New Name and Logo

One of the most beloved pastimes for Better Call Saul fans is finding connections between the series and its predecessor, Breaking Bad. Showrunners have expertly hidden plenty of Easter eggs and hidden references throughout the series. Now superfans think they’ve discovered a clue that helps determine what is going to happen to Mesa Verde bank.

It’s a tense time on the show now that we’re midway through the penultimate season and Kim Wexler prepares to have a legal showdown with Jimmy McGill, a.k.a. Saul Goodman. They’re both secretly playing for the same team. But what will the outcome of the trial mean for Kim’s future career?

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Boardroom or country club? Take your pick.

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Fans think Mesa Verde bank becomes Mesa Credit Union in ‘Breaking Bad’

During the Breaking Bad pilot, Walter White visits his bank, Mesa Credit Union, to withdraw the money so Jesse can buy an R.V. and begin their meth-making enterprise. The logo for Mesa Credit Union looks totally different from the Mesa Verde logo. But that might be the point.

At the end of Episode 5, Season 5 of Better Call Saul, Kim seems to figure out how to take down her client, Kevin Wachtell. All along she’s been trying to figure out a way to get the Mesa Verde call center moved from the current intended location. Kim smiles when she sees a photo of a piece of art in Kevin’s home that looks suspiciously similar to the Mesa Verde logo.

Now fans are predicting Kim will somehow use copyright infringement to achieve her goals. If she’s successful, it could mean Mesa Verde morphs into Mesa Credit Union — just like the one we see in Breaking Bad.

Walter White
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Showrunners are making connections between ‘Better Call Saul’ and ‘Breaking Bad’

Back when Breaking Bad first aired, Better Call Saul was not part of the ultimate plan. So now the show’s creators are forced to make connections where none previously existed, which they know their very observant fans are going to pick up on.

“Mesa” is a common brand name in the American Southwest region. However, it does seem like too much of a coincidence that both Walter White’s credit union and the bank from Better Call Saul would have such similar names for no reason. Fans are probably right that the “Mesa” connection is a classic case of foreshadowing that the show does so brilliantly.

The court case Wexler V. Goodman is bound to be a turning point

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Boss Kim Mode Activated

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Season 5 has been slow on action but big on setting the stage for a major, life-changing event that will likely fracture Kim and Jimmy’s relationship. Fans are predicting that the outcome of the court case between Mesa Verde and the cantankerous homeowner Everett Acker could be the reasons Kim is not a part of Jimmy’s life by the time Breaking Bad rolls around.

Behind closed doors, Jimmy and Kim are on the same side. But Kim’s boss Richard Schweikart has already figured out he’s being conned. How long until everyone realizes that Kim is a secret scam artist, too?

The outcome of the trial — and Kim’s next play — could be the key to revealing what happens next.