‘Better Call Saul’: What Happened to Tyrus in ‘Breaking Bad’?

Tyrus Kitt is one of Gus Fring’s enforcers who had appeared in multiple seasons of Better Call Saul. He also had a role in the original series Breaking Bad. In both shows, Tyrus is a man of few words, so some fans may have forgotten how things turned out for the character. Here’s how Tyrus met his end in Breaking Bad.

Ray Campbell as Tyrus in Better Call Saul Season 6. Tyrus aims a gun.
Ray Campbell as Tyrus in ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6 | Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Tyrus is Gustavo Fring’s enforcer in ‘Better Call Saul’

Tyrus’ first appearance in Better Call Saul in season 3. He is shown doing various tasks for Gus and working at Los Pollos Hermanos farm. Tyrus is frequently seen with Victor, another one of Gus’ enforcers. In Breaking Bad, Victor monitors Jesse and Walt at all times while they cook in Gus’ lab.

Victor later races to stop Jesse from killing Gale, but he is too late. Victor is however spotted by witnesses at Gale’s apartment. Later, he demonstrates that he knows how to cook crystal meth from observing Walt and Jesse. However, either because of this or due to the fact that he was spotted at Gale’s apartment and is now a liability, Gus slits Victor’s throat. After that, Tyrus takes over observing Jesse and Walt while they cook.

What happened to Tyrus in ‘Breaking Bad’?

Tyrus and Victor are never seen together in Breaking Bad, but they are frequently working side by side throughout Better Call Saul. The prequel series also revealed that Tyrus has been an associate of Gus for quite some time, even longer than Mike Ehrmantraut. Tyrus returned for the premiere of Better Call Saul Season 6, adamantly insisting that Gus should have Nacho’s father killed.

In Breaking Bad Season 4, Tyrus accompanies Gus to Hector Salamanca’s nursing home. Gus plans to inject Hector with a poisonous needle, killing him once and for all. Tyrus arrives in Hector’s room first and searches for anything dangerous, narrowly missing Walt hiding outside the window. Gus enters Hector’s room and Tyrus hands him the poisonous needle. However, before Gus can inject Hector, he detonates a bomb, killing Tyrus, Gus, and himself.

‘Better Call Saul’ may clarify a scene from ‘Breaking Bad’

The trailer for Better Call Saul Season 6 likely clarifies a scene from Breaking Bad. In Breaking Bad Season 4 Episode 2, Walt goes to Gus’ house with the intention of killing him. However, before he can go after Gus, Walt receives a call from Tyrus who tells him to, “Go home.”

According to ScreenRant, a scene from the Better Call Saul Season 6 trailer could explain how Tyrus knew Walt was there. In one brief clip, it appears that someone is monitoring Gus’ house with numerous cameras. ScreenRant suggests that Gus himself could have set up this surveillance in order to protect himself.

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