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Better Call Saul has allowed fans to fill the void that Breaking Bad left when it ended in Sept. 2013. The AMC series gives us the back story of Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk), a former crook turned lawyer, much to the dismay of his older, more successful brother, Chuck. Throughout the first three seasons, we see Jimmy slowly start to evolve into the lawyer we know and love from Breaking Bad — Saul Goodman. 

Fans knew that Better Call Saul took place in the same universe as Breaking Bad, about five years before Walter White’s decision to “break bad.” What fans didn’t realize was the huge role Jimmy McGill would play in the creation of Heisenberg, formerly known as Walter White. Discover the single move Jimmy makes in Better Call Saul that ultimately causes a disastrous chain reaction. 

[Spoiler Alert: Some mild spoilers ahead for Better Call Saul, Season 5, Episode 3 “The Guy for This”]

Better Call Saul Heisenberg
Better Call Saul Cast | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Meet Saul Goodman 

It wasn’t until the conclusion of Better Call Saul‘s third season that fans get to meet Saul Goodman. Season four picks up right where we left off, with Jimmy renewing his license to practice law under the name James “Saul Goodman” McGill. 

To kickstart his business, Jimmy hosted an event in a seedy part of town, giving away pre-paid cell phones to criminal-types. Upon running out of free phones, it became clear that his audience wasn’t interested in his lawyering ability. To regain their attention, Jimmy offered 50 percent off of his services to first-time customers for the next two weeks — disregarding the notion that this would encourage crime, which Kim had expressed previously.

How Saul Goodman started the chain reaction that created Heisenberg

Jimmy’s decision to offer 50 percent off inspires two drug addicts to go on a drug-fueled rampage. Throughout their crime spree, the duo continuously repeated their mantra: “50 percent off!” thus reminding viewers that they were, in fact, only committing these crimes knowing they would be able to hire a lawyer for cheap. 

During their venture through Albuquerque, the drug-fueled pair found themselves in need of more drugs. Visiting their go-to spot in town, they ordered an inadvisable quantity that ultimately clogs the drainpipe used to deliver said drugs from dealer to consumer. 

The blockage created a disgruntled customer situation, pulling Krazy-8 away from his poker game to deal with the problem, as it occurred in his territory. In a way suitable only by fate, the police arrived to find Krazy-8 atop a ladder. After the cops question him as to why he was on the ladder, Krazy-8’s response caused the multiple baggies of drugs came pouring down the drainpipe, resulting in Krazy-8’s arrest. 

Krazy-8 isn’t the snitch you think he is

While many fans previously thought Krazy-8 was a snitch for DEA agent Hank Schrader, we find out in this episode that he actually carrying out a calculated move on behalf of the Salamanca gang. 

In “The Guy For This,” Lalo Salamanca asked Jimmy to deliver an important message to Krazy-8. Per Lalo, “We want him to say exactly what we tell him. No more, no less.” Having been imprisoned for two days without speaking, it’s understood that Krazy-8 doesn’t want to betray his loyalty. Only when he heard of Lalo’s request did Krazy-8 breaks his silence, ultimately relaying the carefully orchestrated information as Lalo wanted him to. 

While it may have seemed like Krazy-8 was a snitch for the DEA, it turns out he was initially “snitching” on behalf of the Salamanca family.

The ‘break bad’ dominoes fall

In Breaking Bad, Jesse Pinkman’s cookhouse is raided by the DEA. Many fans have theorized that Krazy-8 was an informant for Hank, tipping him off about Jesse’s operation. Knowing what we know now, it seems that the discovery of Pinkman’s cookhouse could be the Salamanca family’s doing.

And who was accompanying Hank on this drug bust? None other than Walter White, the chemistry teacher who had just learned he has cancer. The wheels start turning, and eventually Walter sought Jesse out to learn more about earning in the meth business.

To recap: the 50 percent off sale sent two drug addicted criminals on a crime spree, which resulted in a blocked drain pipe that ultimately put Krazy-8 in jail as the Salamanca’s connection to what’s going on inside, allowing them to pull the strings and rat Jesse out, thus uniting Walter and Jesse in the partnership we know as Breaking Bad. Got it?

With this season of Better Call Saul off to a wild start, fans are excited to see where the story of Saul Goodman will take them, as well as what other Breaking Bad mysteries might be revealed.