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We now know that the sixth season of Better Call Saul will be the last, meaning the timeline will finally catch up to the beginning of Breaking Bad. The prequel series, which some fans boldly claim is better than the original, has kept us on the edge of our seats waiting for Walter White and Jesse Pinkman to finally appear.

Breaking Bad fans have been missing the Emmy-award winning show ever since it ended in 2013. And now that Better Call Saul is winding to a close, it leaves everyone with just one question: Are we finally done with all our beloved Breaking Bad characters forever?

Breaking Bad cast
‘Breaking Bad’ cast | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

‘El Camino’ tied up some loose ends from ‘Breaking Bad’

Showrunner Vince Gilligan knew that fans would always wonder what happened in the aftermath of the epic shootout in the Breaking Bad series finale. He could have left them to draw their own conclusions, but instead responded with a made-for-TV movie in 2019 called El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.

Though many fans were nervous that the movie would ruin Breaking Bad’s legacy, the special was well-received by audiences. The movie, which felt like an overly long episode of the show, picked up right where Breaking Bad left off and documented what happened to Jesse.

After tying up loose ends in Albuquerque, Jesse leaves his old identity behind and begins a future in Alaska. But even with all the extra information, fans still want to know what happens next. Would there ever be an El Camino sequel?

Aaron Paul said he would participate in another ‘Breaking Bad’ spinoff

Better Call Saul gives the backstory. El Camino wraps up the aftermath. Does that leave any room for more Breaking Bad content?

“It’s up to Vince,” Aaron Paul told People. “You know, Vince and I definitely plan on working together many times in the future and if it’s Breaking Bad-related then great, if not then so be it.”

He added: “If he wants to dive deep into this again then I’m all for it.”

Paul also said that he believes Jesse’s story received the treatment it received in El Camino.

“This was the exact ending I envisioned,” he said. “Years ago, when the show was wrapping up, I was always hoping that Jesse would find some sort of inner peace and find a peaceful setting to call home and escape the chaos. I think – I hope – that he has found that.”

Vince Gilligan is open to creating more ‘Breaking Bad’ content

Without Gilligan, there is no Breaking Bad. Fans were overjoyed to hear him say “never say never” when asked if he would ever consider reviving the critically acclaimed series.

 “I don’t want to overstay my welcome, so we’ll see how this one goes,” he said. “Never say never, but it’s probably about time I do something new,” he said.

With all the secondary characters in the show, it’s possible that Gilligan could brainstorm an idea that’s loosely rooted in the Breaking Bad world. No matter what he comes up with, it’s almost guaranteed to be brilliant.