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The Better Call Saul series finale gave Jimmy McGill a fitting end. The show’s final episode didn’t just wrap up Jimmy’s story. It also tied up loose ends from Breaking Bad and revisited Better Call Saul characters who haven’t been seen in some time.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead regarding the Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 13 “Saul Gone.”]

Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman in the Better Call Saul series finale. Saul sits on a bed and looks serious.
Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman in ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6 Episode 13 | Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Gene gets arrested in the ‘Better Call Saul’ series finale

The Better Call Saul series finale is mostly set in the Gene Takovic timeline. Gene (Bob Odenkirk) flees Marion’s (Carol Burnett) house after she calls the police. He gathers his cash and diamonds and runs for it on foot. Eventually, Gene is cornered and arrested while hiding in a dumpster. In prison, Gene calls Bill Oakley (Peter Diseth), who is now working as a defense attorney, and convinces him to take on his case.

During a hearing with the prosecution, things are looking pretty bleak for Saul. At the very minimum, he is facing a plea deal that will have him in prison for the next 30 years. Thinking quickly, Saul invites Hank Schrader’s widow Marie (Betsy Brandt) into the room.

He then employs his talent for spinning tales. Saul recounts the day he first met Walter White when he was made to kneel in the desert in front of an open grave. Saul asserts that after that, he only did what Walt wanted out of fear. Of course, viewers know that’s far from the truth, and so do Marie and the prosecution.

However, as Saul points out, all he needs is one juror to believe his sob story. With this in mind, Saul manages to negotiate his sentence down to only seven and a half years. Saul tries to use his knowledge of Howard Hamlin’s death to sweeten the pot, but he’s finally in for a shock. The prosecution reveals that Kim already confessed the truth about Howard’s death on the record.

The ‘Better Call Saul’ series finale features flashbacks to Jimmy’s past

The Better Call Saul series finale bounces back to several conversations from Jimmy’s life. The opening scene returns to the episode “Bagman,” when Jimmy and Mike (Jonathan Banks) are stranded in the desert together. While resting, Jimmy asks Mike what he would do if he had a time machine. Mike replies that he would return to the day he took his first bribe as a dirty cop. Jimmy, however, would invest in Berkshire Hathaway so that he could become a billionaire.

The next flashback took viewers to Ed Galbraith’s bunker, in the days when Walt (Bryan Cranston) and Saul were hiding out together. Saul asks Walt the same time machine question. After ranting about the impossibility of time machines, Walt answers what he would change — losing out on the money from Grey Matter, the company he started with Elliott and Gretchen. Saul then recounts a story about performing a “slip and fall” in his early 20s, much to Walt’s disgust.

In the episode’s final flashback, Jimmy pays Chuck (Michael McKean) a visit in his gaslamp-lit house. Chuck remarks that he could be paying someone to take care of him, but Jimmy won’t hear of it. “You’d do the same for me,” he tells Chuck. After Jimmy discusses his less-than-glamorous clients, Chuck tells him it’s never too late to change his path. After Jimmy leaves, Chuck picks up a copy of H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine.

Kim breaks her routine in Florida

On the plane back to Albuquerque, Saul talks with Bill Oakley, purposely in earshot of the Federal Marshall escorting him. Bill reveals that Kim has opened herself to a civil suit from Howard’s widow Cheryl. Saul then pretends that he has more information to trade to the Feds, but Bill warns him that this will create more trouble for Kim.

Back in Florida, Kim continues her mundane routine, but she makes an important decision. She heads to Central Florida Legal Aid and asks to volunteer. There, Kim gets the news of Saul’s arrest and his plans to give testimony that will affect her.


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Saul comes clean, and Jimmy returns

At his hearing in the Better Call Saul series finale, Saul shows up in a typical flashy Saul Goodman suit. Kim, Marie, and Steve Gomez’s widow Blanca are all in attendance. Saul approaches the stand, ready to tell his sob story about being afraid of Walter White, but suddenly he changes direction.

Instead, he reveals that he was not scared of Walt. He helped him for his own personal gain. He also states that he lied about having information on Kim Wexler because he wanted her to be present at the hearing. Finally, Saul bears his soul and admits responsibility for his brother Chuck’s death. Saul then asks to be called James McGill again.

In light of his confession, Jimmy receives an 86-year prison sentence. On a prison transport, his fellow inmates recognize him and begin to chant, “Better Call Saul.” Although Jimmy tries to leave the Saul Goodman persona behind, it earns him respect, and it seems like he’ll do just fine in prison.

While inside, Jimmy gets a visit from his lawyer, but it’s not Bill Oakley. Kim stands on the other side of the door. The pair share a final cigarette, and Kim remarks on Jimmy’s 86-year-long sentence. “But with good behavior, who knows?” Jimmy jokes and Kim finally smiles.