‘Better Call Saul’ Showrunner Peter Gould Accuses Kim Wexler of ‘Cutting Corners’ — ‘I’m a Little Bit Worried for Her’

Better Call Saul fans had a hard time falling in love with Jimmy McGill’s girlfriend Kim Wexler. It’s not that the character was unlikable — in fact, the exact opposite was true. Their main complaint was that because the series is a prequel to AMC’s Breaking Bad, they already knew things would not end well for Kim.

Kim’s absence on Breaking Bad hasn’t been explained — at least, not yet. But now that the series is coming to an end, writers are finally going to reveal what caused Kim to disappear from Jimmy’s life before he ever becomes Walter White’s lawyer.

Recently, showrunner Peter Gould had more to say about what’s next for Kim and Better Call Saul Season 6 in general.

‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6 is delayed due to the pandemic

Like so many other great shows and movies, Better Call Saul is stalled due to pandemic-related shutdowns in Hollywood. The writers have been meeting remotely to at least get the script hammered out. However, filming won’t start until it’s safer for everyone on the cast and crew.

“We were hoping to go into production by the end of the year,” showrunner Peter Gould told Deadline. “It doesn’t seem likely that it’s going to happen with the situation that we are in.”

He said Sony TV is doing “everything humanly possible” to get the show on the road but added: “I think we are probably going to delay a little bit, unfortunately.”

Showrunner Peter Gould accused Kim Wexler of ‘cutting corners’

Rhea Seehorn as Kim Wexler
Rhea Seehorn | Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

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Gould probably knows better than anyone what Kim’s fate will be. Though he’s not one for spoilers, he’s been hinting at some clues fans can look at plus questions they should be asking in regard to Kim’s more recent actions. And he’s not pleased with how the normally level-headed lawyer has been acting.

“This season, it’s a matter of life and death for sure, and as it comes to a close, it’s a question of where her head is at,” Gould told Deadline. “Is she going down a bad choice road?”

“She keeps moving in a direction of corner-cutting,” he continued. “Something that interests us is what’s legal and what feels right. Being with Jimmy has shown her, either something that she knew before or it’s made more vivid to her; the possibility of cutting corners, doing what you think is right, and causing what you feel is justice, rather than play by the rules of the system. I’m a little bit worried for her.”

‘Better Call Saul fans should pay attention to that tequila bottle stopper

Like Breaking Bad, the series Better Call Saul relies on symbolism that hints at what’s coming. Gould urged fans to keep an eye on the Zafiro Anejo tequila bottle stopper that originally featured in season 2 and reappeared at the end of season 5.

“Keep your eye on the bottle stopper,” Gould advised Better Call Saul fans, according to Entertainment Weekly. He mentioned that the bottle stopper represents Kim compromising her morality and making a choice that goes against her conscience. Its presence means she’s probably making more mistakes — only this time, they could result in her tragic demise.

Better Call Saul Season 6 is tentatively scheduled to premiere in 2021.