‘Better Call Saul’: This Theory About Kim Wexler Hooking Up with Howard Hamlin is Guaranteed to Infuriate Fans

Breaking Bad fans are already aware of the tragic reality: there is no way that Kim Wexler and Jimmy McGill end up together in the end. Even if we didn’t already know what was going to happen, the not-so-subtle clues have made this inevitability painfully obvious. Kim never takes their future together seriously just like she was never planning to buy that house with him. Yes, she loves him, but it’s clear that his path to self-destruction is too much to overcome.

Fans have been wondering what exactly happens to Kim by the time Better Call Saul catches up to the Breaking Bad timeline. We never see her, so either Kim dies or becomes so estranged from Jimmy’s life that she never speaks to him again. One theory explores an idea that’s almost worse than Kim meeting a tragic end.

Could it be possible that Kim becomes romantically involved with Jimmy’s nemesis, Howard Hamlin?

Kim and Jimmy on Better Call Saul
Kim and Jimmy on ‘Better Call Saul’ | Nicole Wilder/AMC/Sony Pictures

No one can predict what will happen next on ‘Better Call Saul’

The most amazing thing about the show Better Call Saul is that even though we know how the conflict ends — mostly — that doesn’t make the series predictable in the least. We already know Jimmy McGill would eventually lose his moral compass completely and become Saul Goodman, a sleazeball lawyer who thinks nothing of murdering people who stand in his way. But his backstory is making Saul’s character ultimately sympathetic.

Catching up on the details of Jimmy and Kim plus their ill-fated relationship has been fascinating. And now television theory expert Dustin Rowles put out a prediction about them that fans are going to absolutely despise.

Here’s how Kim Wexler and Howard Hamlin could eventually hook up

It seems far-fetched to picture Kim and Howard together, especially after the verbal lashing she gave him immediately following Chuck’s will disbursement. But Rowles gives a compelling case for how Kim and Howard could channel their hate into love.

First, Rowles insists that showrunners Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould hinted that Kim isn’t going to die when they said all major events will be “natural” for the characters. That leaves the theory that she and Jimmy will have a falling out so serious that it forces them to never speak again, even with their history together. And what could be worse than Kim hooking up with Howard?

Jimmy has always suffered from low self-esteem

He talks a big game. But Jimmy McGill has always hated feeling inferior to people like his brilliant older Chuck and the rich, successful lawyer Howard Hamlin. Losing someone he loves to a person like Howard would be the final blow to Jimmy’s fragile self-esteem.

Rowles claims that Kim’s hatred for working with Mesa Verde, plus their latest conflict with Acker, will eventually lead to her leaving Davis & Main. Howard offered Jimmy a job in Episode 4 of Season 5. It’s perfectly possible that he’d do the same for Kim since he knows how good of a lawyer she is.

And once she comes back to HHM, Kim and Howard could potentially bond over their shared history and knowledge of the McGill brothers. One thing might lead to another, which could mean love for this unlikely pair. This future could explain Jimmy and Kim’s complete lack of contact by the time Breaking Bad happens.

Jimmy would never speak to Kim again if she hooked up with Howard

It’s clear that Jimmy loves Kim and would do just about anything for her. But one thing he couldn’t forgive is seeing her defect to the “other side” and become involved with a person like Howard, who he openly despises. The bowling balls gave that away.

Despite the ickiness, Rowles makes a compelling case for the Kim/Howard hookup theory.

“Assuming that Kim is alive in the future, why doesn’t Saul Goodman ever reach out to her? Why hasn’t Gene Takovic made contact? What is the one thing — more than any other — that would keep a prideful Jimmy McGill from reaching out to Kim Wexler and asking for her help?” he asked.

“Knowing that she’s with Howard Hamlin. It makes a perfect, painful kind of sense, doesn’t it?”

Sadly, it does. We don’t want to imagine a world where Howard and Kim are together, but we’ll be watching to see if this theory plays out in the rest of Season 5.

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