‘Better Call Saul’ Used Patrick Fabian’s Instagram Photos for Howard Hamlin’s Memorial

Howard Hamlin’s time on Better Call Saul may be over, but fans still saw his smiling face in season 6, episode 9. Jimmy and Kim attend a memorial for Howard, where photos of him are plastered all over HHM. Fans couldn’t help but notice that the photos were from Patrick Fabian’s social media accounts, which added an oddly comical element to the scene.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead regarding the Better Call Saul Season 6 episode 9 “Fun and Games.”]

Patrick Fabian plays Howard Hamlin in Better Call Saul. Fabian smiles for a photo wearing a dark blue suit and tie.
Patrick Fabian | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Jimmy and Kim attend Howard’s memorial in ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6 Episode 9

Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 9 addressed the effects of Howard’s death. Kim and Jimmy do their best to go about their day as usual. This includes making an appearance at Howard’s memorial at HHM. There the pair learn that the company is downsizing and changing its name to Brookner Partners. The sad reality sinks in that each of the law firm’s founders — George Hamlin, Chuck McGill, and Howard Hamlin — are all dead.

Howard’s wife, Cheryl, however, is not convinced that Howard was a drug addict. She even confronts Jimmy and Kim for the “pranks” they were playing on him. Kim quickly makes up a story about seeing Howard snorting something over a year ago. The scene is incredibly bleak, with Howard’s reputation so irrevocably damaged. Luckily, a brief moment brought a smile to some fans’ faces.

Fans noticed Patrick Fabian’s Instagram photos at HHM

During Howard’s memorial in Better Call Saul Season 6, HHM is covered with pictures of him that may have looked a little familiar. “I love that a couple of the pictures shown at Howard’s memorial at HHM are from his personal Instagram,” one Reddit user commented.

Sure enough, the fans were right. The memorial includes photos from Patrick Fabian’s personal Instagram account, like this one of him scuba diving in Mexico. It added a surprising bit of comic relief to the otherwise bleak episode. “This made me laugh because I looked at them and was like, ‘why have I seen these before,'” another Reddit user said.

Another fan pointed out, “Fun Fact: One of those pictures originally had Tony Dalton (Lalo) in it, and it was cropped out.”


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Patrick Fabian made a morbid reference to his character’s fate

Howard Hamlin’s death is one of the most tragic in Better Call Saul. After Kim and Jimmy successfully sabotage and ruin his reputation, Howard shows up at their apartment. Unfortunately, Lalo also arrives and shoots Howard in the head. Soon after, Lalo meets his end at the hands of Gus.

Howard and Lalo then share a grave together underneath Gus’ superlab. Soon after this was revealed, Patrick Fabian made a morbid joke. The actor posted a smiling photo of himself and Tony Dalton to Twitter with the captain, “Together Forever.”

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