Betty White’s Chicken Wings Recipe Went Viral Before Going Viral Was a Thing

Betty White’s career has never not been on fire. On a roll since the late 1940s, White hit all the right notes on TV shows such as The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Betty White Show, Mama’s Family, Hot in Cleveland, and of course, The Golden Girls. She’s always been a talk show favorite, and people consider her to be an American national treasure.

White is known for waxing poetic about hot dogs and vodka, but back in the day, she freely opened up her celebrity recipe box for public consumption. There was one for banana bread that made the rounds, but there is a Betty White chicken recipe that’s been popping up for generations. Some households may even have it stashed in one of Granny’s cookbooks.

Betty White attends Betty 'White Out' Tour at The Los Angeles Zoo on December 11, 2012
Betty White attends Betty ‘White Out’ Tour at The Los Angeles Zoo on December 11, 2012 in Los Angeles, California | Brian To/Getty Images for The Lifeline Program

Betty White is no stranger to the kitchen

Over the years, Betty White has graced TV screens with her perfect sense of comedic timing and charm. She’s even brought that talent into a famous kitchen or two. White and Martha Stewart once joined forces to make a Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, and Ace of Cakes welcomed her to the show for a special charity event.

And White had the time of her life frosting a cake in a episode of Betty’s Happy Hour, a must-see event.

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Betty White’s Chicken Wings Pacifica recipe lives on the internet

One of the best kept secrets online is Betty White’s Chicken Wing Pacifica recipe. That is the name.

Legend has it that it first surfaced in the 1960s and became popular again sometime in the ’80s. That was all before the internet, and fans have since been able to post original versions of the recipe. In some cases, people sell vintage copies of it.

The key to White’s chicken wings is to cook them in the oven where they can bake in a soy-based sugar glaze. They’ll make the perfect appetizer for a party or summer barbecue.

To get started, preheat the oven to 375° and prep a shallow baking pan. On low heat, mix soy sauce, brown sugar, dry mustard, water, and butter in a small saucepan. Once it cools, marinate the wings for a couple hours before baking. The full recipe can be found on

Some cooks choose to doctor it up with a blend of spices, and others would rather use the marinade on chicken breasts. Follow your preference and be sure to make enough for all guests.

White’s sweet bread recipes are online too

For those who are curious and game for some retro-style food, White is one of many celebrities whose old-school recipes are in the web’s archives. She made several contributions to the now-defunct Fisher’s Blend Flour recipe box. A quick search reveals an applesauce loaf, banana loaf, and a rare orange loaf.

Each recipe card has her likeness on it, simple ingredients, and a banner that reads “TV star Betty White’s.” Who knew she had chef skills on her resume too?

White celebrated her 99th birthday in January 2021 at home in quarantine and shared that she spent time feeding ducks and doing crossword puzzles. But there was no word on whether she had the chance to indulge in her favorite foods.