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When it comes to highly contentious topics such as politics and pizza toppings, people can get downright nasty while fighting for what they believe is right.

But one topic we can all agree on is living legend Betty White. People of all ages, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds all agree that the Golden Girls star is one of the best celebrities of our time.

White is well-known for her self-deprecating humor, which she often employs in film and television roles, too. A 2017 tour of the actor’s home showed off her funny side once again. Especially since she styled the whole thing like a millionaire might on the classic MTV reality show Cribs.

Betty White showed off her chic home in a ‘Cribs’ spoof

Betty White
Betty White | Gary Gershoff/WireImage

“Oh, hi there! I’m Betty White. Welcome to my crib,” the 98-year-old Hollywood star says in greeting. Her cheerful demeanor while introducing her California home sets the tone for the whole tour, which is just under one minute long. But that’s plenty long enough to get a true sense of White’s quirkiness.

White shows off a fairly average looking living and dining room. In the kitchen, she opens the fridge to reveal her stash of “energy drinks and gluten-free mac and cheese.” When the camera pans down to a huge plate of hot dogs, the Golden Girls alum sheepishly says, “Those are… for the dog.”

Next, she shows off a Cribs staple — her built-in aquarium. “This is my state of the art aquarium and my priceless tropical fish collection,” White says, indicating one small fish swimming around the tank.

The ‘Golden Girls’ star makes a joke about her bedroom

White repeats a classic Cribs line while showing the audience her bedroom.

“And this is where the magic happens,” the actor says with a bit of innuendo. But then the camera cuts over to a literal magician doing magic tricks while standing next to her bed. “Well, what did you think I meant?” she says with a chuckle.

The home tour is short and sweet, perfect showing off the longtime legend’s personality and fun sense of humor.

Betty White’s home includes stuffed animals she loves talking to

Betty White
Betty White | Angela Weiss/Getty Images

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Though her stuffed animal room didn’t make it onto her home tour, we already know that White is a huge fan of both plush and living creatures. She mentioned it in her book, If You Ask Me.

“You won’t be surprised to learn that I love stuffed animals,” White wrote. “Both at my home in Los Angeles and at my house in Carmel there is a special room devoted to them, filled to capacity. I especially love the exotic ones—there is an anteater, a rhinoceros, a beluga whale, an armadillo, a bear—not a Teddy, a grizzly—the list goes on.”

She went on to explain how she talks to her stuffed animals all the time. “I never enter that room without speaking to the animals,” the actor continued. “[I say], ‘Hi guys!’ And I never leave it without saying, ‘See you later. I love you.’ Out loud!”

Hey, why not? It’s just one more reason to adore Betty White.