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Not everyone liked Drake’s Honestly, Nevermind. In fact, the rapper personally messaged one music critic, Anthony Fantano, following his YouTube review. Things quickly spiraled when the YouTuber posted a video sharing a fake screenshot of the message.

Drake sent an Instagram DM to music critic Anthony Fantano

Drake performs onstage during the Final Stop of 'Aubrey & The three Amigos Tour' |
Drake performs onstage during the Final Stop of ‘Aubrey & The three Amigos Tour’ | Prince Williams/Wireimage

Fantano is known for reviewing popular artists, including the Grammy Award-winning songwriter, Drake. In one video, he gave the 2022 album a less-than-positive review. 

Following his initial review, Fantano posted a follow-up video explaining that he received a direct message from the Honestly, Nevermind artist. The problem was that the DM he discussed on YouTube was fake.

“Anthony! it’s Drizzy,” the photoshopped message read. “I know we don’t really see eye-to-eye about music and that you are not the biggest fan of most of my albums (thanks for the kind words on Take Care and If You’re Reading This tho). But it is what it is, you know.”

After that, Drake reportedly sent a recipe for vegan chocolate chip cookies. Fantano read the recipe aloud and the final message, where Drake reportedly asked the critic to test it out and see how the cookies tasted. 

This was a photoshopped message from Drake. As a result, Drake took to social media, posting the actual DM he sent to the YouTuber. 

“Your existence is a light,” Drake wrote. “1. And the 1 is cause you are alive. And cause you somehow wifed a Black girl. I’m feeling a light to decent 1 on your existence.”

Anthony Fantano clarified that the fake DM was intended as a ‘light-hearted’ joke

On Sept. 16, the critic posted another video titled “The Drake Situation,” captioning it, “Sorry guys, the recipe wasn’t real.” In the YouTube clip, Fantano explained that it would be “trashy” to share the actual DM, but he still wanted to respond. Enter the fake DM that was intended as a joke.

“The two possibilities that I had kicking around in my head were 1. the option that I ended up going with — the cookie recipe…,” he said. “The other one bumping around in my head was Drake DMing me to ask me about advice on what he could say to a girl he has a crush on and then the rest of the video is me giving him advice on that topic.”

Fantano added that he doesn’t have anything personal against Drake. He hoped that he rapper would see the video as “light-hearted” and “well-intentioned.” That, of course, did not happen.


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Drake recently released ‘Honestly, Nevermind’

The album originally criticized by Fantano, Honestly, Nevermind, debuted earlier in 2022. It included original tracks “Massive,” “Falling Back,” “Sticky,” and “Jimmy Cooks (feat. 21 Savage).”

Drake updates fans with his social media platforms, recently posting pictures of his Amsterdam premiere party. Music by the rapper, including Honestly, Nevermind, is available on most major streaming platforms.