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One key time-frame missing in the MCU is what happened during those five years between Infinity War and Endgame when the world had to deal with the snap aftermath. Everyone already knows what it did to the psyche of some of the Avengers, most notably Thor and his PTSD issues.

Other things have gone unaddressed, though, as noted on social media by MCU fans. Then again, with the timeline of MCU events being different from how fans originally pictured it, maybe the five-year gap was a bit relative.

A lot of fans still want to see future MCU projects explore what happens during this time. One major problem with the gap is something as profound as the snap occurring left out plenty of the repercussive details.

Will there be eventual MCU flashback shows to the immediate post-snap era?

Cast of 'Avengers: Endgame'
Cast of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

One can only wonder how the world reacted to the snap in the hours and days immediately following its happening. Just imagine something like 9/11 compounded a thousand times over in one day, and it only brings an overwhelming feeling.

For fans on Reddit, this is still a busy discussion topic, including wondering if snap memorials exist in other parts of the world. One was revealed in San Francisco, otherwise known as “Vanished” lists. Scott Lang/Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) managed to find one of these memorials, giving names to some of the people who turned to dust there.

Other than there, though, no other memorials are known in the post-Endgame world. Based on the comment of the above Reddit user, many are hoping Black Panther II will show a snap memorial in Wakanda. Perhaps the upcoming Disney+ shows taking place in the post-resurrection world will also show these memorials.

Then again, with most people presumably resurrected in the snap reversal, those memorials may disappear. Replacing them may be just “ground zero” markers where the snap occurred.

The emotional toll of the snap was likely tremendous

If the MCU wanted to go into super dramatic territory, that immediate aftermath period of the snap would delve into the depths of human emotion. After all, contemplating how people felt realizing half the world’s population turned to dust in the fraction of a second is incalculable when placed in the context of reality.

Most of us can barely deal with something on the level of 9/11 occurring, let alone approximately 1.5 billion people dying at once. A series dealing with this might not happen due to how dark it would become. Regardless, seeing the realities of what really happened would make the snap feel more real.

Just leaving it up to the imagination is something comic book movies are prone to do, however. Since the focus is on The Avengers, going into the emotional pain on the world population (and the economic hardships) may seem impossible to interpret.

With the real world almost going through similar territory now (ironically), maybe audiences would find something strong to relate to.

Is dealing with COVID19 a prediction of Thanos’s snap?

The eeriness of hearing how our environment is being restored because people are quarantining due to COVID19 gives a lot of odd connections to Thanos’ initial plan.  Also, with the virus wiping out thousands of people worldwide in mere weeks–plus the economic toll–it gives haunting parallels to “The Decimation”.

Rumors are a series on the events between Infinity War and Endgame may happen, yet some of those moments may be addressed in shows like Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The reason being is the show will deal with how the world attempts to normalize when half the population suddenly returns to life.

A dark twist may exist there to show just as many hardships with people becoming alive again as when they died. If the show does address this, it may give some flashbacks to the five-year period for some sideline characters, if not random people.

If they do, the contrast to what happens next would potentially be far more interesting on how it messes with the human psyche.