‘Beverly Hills 90210’ Cast Shares Wild ‘Throwback’ Picture: Or Is It?

Is it nostalgia or just amazing hair and makeup? The women of Beverly Hills 90210 recently shared an all-girls “throwback” group photo that had fans and even the cast doing a double take.

The ladies are sitting in a booth at the Peach Pit probably conspiring over whether or not to skip school and hit the mall. Signature 90s hairstyles and threads are represented, plus the table and booth make the setting obvious.

Cast of BH90210 | Photo by FOX via Getty Images

The ladies look flawless with youthful faces and probably a pair of Doc Marten boots to match their flowery dresses. So is the photo a blast from the past? Or does it look like the new Beverly Hills 90210 reboot visits memory lane?

Brenda Walsh started it

Shannen Doherty, aka Brenda Walsh, was the first to share the iconic image. The picture is freaky (as some fans remarked). “Wait what???? Flashback photo or present day? Guess you’ll have to tune in to see….,” Doherty wrote.

Friends and fans reacted immediately. Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar responded “This is amazing. And you look amazing. I’m so here for this.” Holly Robinson Peete wrote, “Love it and you.” Once Doherty posted the image, both Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling shared it too. “This trips me OUT! Thanks @theshando for this highly confusing pic! #tbt or #bts you decide,” Garth wrote.

Spelling spilled it was some pretty awesome hair and makeup with her share. “The OG Girl BFF Gang is BACK… we took a stroll down memory lane at the Peach Pit…Want to see more?” 

Doherty shares even more on her Instagram

Doherty originally wasn’t going to be part of the cast this time. But she finally signed on after co-star Luke Perry died. A source shared with US Weekly Doherty may pay homage to Perry on the show too as he was her favorite cast member.

On the set, Doherty is reconnecting with both new and old friends. She shared a cool photo with the cast and even a special guest star. In the series of photos, she included actress Christine Elise McCarthy who played bad girl rocker, Emily Valentine.

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Band photos #bh90210

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She also shared the secret to the casts’ youthful appearance. Doherty literally looks 20 years younger in her cast photos so she had to give a shout out to the production’s make-up artist. “This woman has been crushing it in the makeup department. Thank you @leahehman for your creativity, expertise and just being so damn good at what you do. The makeup has been beyond!!!”

Fans won’t have to wait long

The highly anticipated return is slated for August 7 on Fox. Fans were a little confused when the show was announced. Many reboots pick up where the fictional characters left off.

But Beverly Hills 90210 went in a slightly different direction. At first, fans thought the reboot was going to be a reality show. “90210  comes with a big twist: Priestley, Garth, Ziering, Carteris, Green, and Spelling will play heightened versions of themselves in a brand-new serialized drama – with a healthy dose of irreverence – that is inspired by their real lives and relationships,” according to a release.

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Summers about to get interesting!

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Spelling cleared up the confusion by comparing the show to HBO’s mockumentary, Curb Your Enthusiasm. “It’s not technically a reboot, because I feel like everyone has seen the reboot,” she said, E News reports. “We don’t want to be the last ones like doing the reboot thing, and no one wants to see like old versions of ourselves, but they do want to see us playing our characters, so what we’re doing is the entire cast is playing heightened versions of themselves.”