‘Beverly Hills Cop’: How Much Are the Stars Worth Today?

Beverly Hills Cop was one of the most profitable films of the 1980s. And after the success of the blockbuster, the stars who brought the action-comedy to life on the big screen went on to land more sweet gigs. Here’s a breakdown of how much net worth the principal cast of the classic has built since then.

'Beverly Hills Cop'
‘Beverly Hills Cop’ | CBS via Getty Images

‘Beverly Hills Cop’ struck box office gold

Beverly Hills Cop premiered in December of 1984 amid excitement and anticipation. The feature film gained momentum after the new year and became the second highest grossing movie of 1985. Only Back to the Future bested the box office results.

According to Box Office Mojo, the film grossed over $316 million. After the wildly successful theater run, two sequels followed, and a fourth installment is currently in development.

Considering the popularity of the film series, it is no surprise that the stars went on to snag subsequent on-screen roles. Here’s how the actors stack up today when it comes to wealth.

Eddie Murphy as ‘Axel Foley’

Eddie Murphy in 'Beverly Hills Cop'
Eddie Murphy in ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ | CBS via Getty Images

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Eddie Murphy starred as the law-bending Detective Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop. With a slew of hits under his belt, the SNL alum has been a household name for nearly 40 years. Some of his most notable roles include 48 Hours, Trading Places, Shrek, The Nutty Professor, Coming to America, and Dolemite Is My Name, just to name a few.

The Academy Award-nominated star has at least three projects in development, including Triplets, Coming 2 America, and the aforementioned Beverly Hills Cop 4. With numerous hits in his rearview and more on the horizon, Murphy has amassed a fortune of an estimated $200 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Judge Reinhold as ‘Detective Billy Rosewood’

Judge Reinhold in 'Beverly Hills Cop'
Judge Reinhold in ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ | CBS via Getty Images

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In the role of the naïve Detective Billy Rosewood, Judge Reinhold radiated on-screen likability in Beverly Hills Cop. Film buffs may recognize the actor from such ‘80s and ‘90s gems as Gremlins, A Soldier’s Tale, and The Santa Clause. He has remained busy, popping up in numerous television and film projects in recent years. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Reinhold is worth an estimated $5 million.

John Ashton as ‘Sgt. Taggart’

John Ashton in 'Beverly Hills Cop'
John Ashton in ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ | CBS via Getty Images

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John Ashton brought the no-nonsense Sgt. Taggart to life in Beverly Hills Cop. Ashton became a fixture in Hollywood in the ‘70s and has maintained an on-screen presence since then. In recent years, fans might have spotted him in Uncle John, Once Upon a River, and American Christmas. He also has a few new projects cooking. There is no definitive data on Ashton’s net worth, but many sources, including Trend Celebs Now, estimate Ashton’s net worth lies between $1 million and $5 million.

Ronny Cox as ‘Lt. Bogomil’

Ronny Cox in 'Beverly Hills Cop'
Ronny Cox in ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ | CBS via Getty Images

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Playing the part of Lt. Bogomil, Ronny Cox brought a remarkable spark to Beverly Hills Cop. From Total Recall to Deliverance to RoboCop, the acting veteran has been appearing on the big screen since the early ‘70s and continues to wow audiences today. And when it comes to television, Bogomil has nailed guest-starring roles on shows, including True Detective and Nashville. Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Cox has amassed a total of $5 million in net worth.

Bronson Pinchot as ‘Serge’

Bronson Pinchot and Eddie Murphy in 'Beverly Hills Cop'
Bronson Pinchot and Eddie Murphy in ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ | CBS via Getty Images

Bronson Pinchot partnered with Murphy in some of the most hilarious banter in the Beverly Hills Cop franchise. The skilled actor who played Serge in the comedy has graced the screen in many other feature films such as Risky Business, True Romance, and The First Wives Club.

One of Pinchot’s most recognizable characters is Balki Bartokomous on the long-running sitcom, Perfect Strangers. Fans can catch his recent performance in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix. With nearly 100 acting credits and counting, Pinchot is worth an estimated $3 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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