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Beyoncé and Jay-Z are one of Hollywood’s most prominent power couples. Beyoncé is a singer, songwriter, dancer, model, actress, and record producer who has won 23 Grammy awards. Jay-Z is a rapper, songwriter, record producer, record executive, and entrepreneur.

The couple has not only slowly began taking over the music (and film) industry, but have also been amassing an incredible amount of wealth which Beyoncé says makes their “great-great-grandchildren already rich.” That crazy sum of money is over $1 billion, and still steadily rising.

While the couple is obviously way too young to be having great-great-grandchildren, Beyoncé and Jay-Z do have three children. The children are obviously quite well taken care of, and will surely follow in the footsteps of their very famous and very talented parents.

In the meantime, however, many fans can’t help but wonder about the children’s names – Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir. These names weren’t simply chosen at random, but have very specific meaning for our celebrity couple. Here, we’ll discuss the meaning behind Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s children’s names. 

Blue Ivy Carter

A few months after welcoming her first child with Jay-Z (on January 7, 2012), Beyoncé posted an excerpt from A Field Guide to Getting Lost by Rebecca Solnit. This post explained the importance of the color blue, and while it was not definitively mentioned as the reason behind her daughter’s name, there can be no doubt that is what the couple had in mind.

The excerpt read “The world is blue at its edges and in its depths.” It goes on to further explain that “This blue is the light that got lost. Water is colorless, shallow water appears to be the color of whatever lies underneath it, but deep water is full of this scattered light, the purer the water the deeper the blue.”

While the excerpt continues to reveal the importance of the color blue, it’s the ending sentence which shows just how powerful the color is. “…the light that gets lost, gives us the  beauty of the world, so much of which is in the color blue.”

So what about the ‘Ivy’ part of Blue Ivy? It is widely speculated that the middle part of their first daughter’s name is meant to represent the Roman numeral IV, or four. This number has significant meaning for both Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Each were born on the fourth day of the month, and they married on the fourth day of April. Jay-Z also named his album 4:44, while Beyoncé’s fourth album was named 4.

Rumi Carter

Rumi and her twin brother, Sir, entered this world on June 13, 2017, after a significant age gap between them and older sister, Blue Ivy. Rumi Carter’s name is a bit more straight-forward than her older sister’s, but is also firmly planted in the world of mysticism.

Jay-Z revealed that the name is in honor of his and Beyoncé’s favorite poet – the 13th century Persian lyricist. The original Rumi was also a Sufi mystic, Islamic scholar, and respected theologian.

Sir Carter

In the same interview on Rap Radar, Jay-Z revealed how his son became known as ‘Sir.’ While the name may seem a little odd, the way he got his name makes a lot of sense. “Sir was like, man, come out the gate. He carries himself like that. He just came out, like, Sir.” 

It does make a lot of sense that the only son of Beyoncé and Jay-Z would come out with his “swagger” already down pat. Fans can certainly look forward to him growing up to be just as driven towards success as his famous parents are.