How Beyoncé Manages Her Schedule as a Hands-On Mom

We all have the same 24 hours in a day as Beyoncé. Yet, we still can’t quite figure out how she manages it all. Her explosive career has put her in a realm of her own. With a ton of hit songs, albums, and absolutely stellar performances, we often forget that in addition to being a businesswoman and artist, the Lemonade singer is also juggling the duties of being a wife and a mom.

Still, with so many things pulling her attention in different directions — the Ivy Park founder has been determined to find balance in her life without sacrificing greatness in any area. In fact, the role that she takes pride in most is being a hands-on mom to her three children — Blue Ivy, Sir, and Rumi.

Beyoncé struggles to find balance between her personal and professional life

Even Beyoncé knows that 24 hours each day isn’t always enough time to get everything done. The Homecoming legend revealed that finding balance is a stressful endeavor. “I think the most stressful thing for me is balancing work and life,” she told Elle Magazine. “Making sure I am present for my kids—dropping Blue off at school, taking Rumi and Sir to their activities, making time for date nights with my husband, and being home in time to have dinner with my family—all while running a company can be challenging. Juggling all of those roles can be stressful, but I think that’s life for any working mom.”

Despite feeling like she’s stretched too thin, Beyoncé always prioritizes her babies and their needs.

Beyoncé wants her children to have a normal childhood

We’re not sure how “normal” your childhood can be when your mom is Beyoncé and your dad is JAY-Z, but Blue Ivy certainly seems like a happy and well-adjusted little girl. Though Sir and Rumi are only two years old, we assume that they will follow in their big sister’s footsteps.

“Blue is a very normal, smart, happy and outgoing and has a lot of friends,” an insider told Hollywood Life. “Beyoncé and (husband) JAY-Z are very friendly with other parents at the school, too. They really are just a normal family.”

Beyoncé is a hands-on mom

Despite her hectic schedule that takes her across the globe, Beyoncé always makes sure to show up for her little ones. “Beyoncé is a very hands-on mom,” the source explained to Hollywood Life. “She never misses a school meeting or function for Blue. She’s very involved and doesn’t rely heavily on nannies when it comes to all things school.”

In fact, when asked about her greatest joy in life, she explained that it is, “Being Blue, Rumi, and Sir’s mom.” As one of the most recognizable people on the planet, it’s nice to see that even Beyoncé has been able to carve out a normal (and fairly private) life for herself and for her children.

“I believe you don’t have to accept dysfunction to be successful,” she revealed to Elle. “This is not to say that I have not struggled. I have the same pain that life brings to everyone else. I try to shift the stigma that says with fame there has to be drama. It is how you relate to your hardships and use that to evolve. And I try to keep real ones around me.”