Beyoncé Hilariously Recalls How Her Mother Embarrassed Her In This Throwback Video

Long before Beyoncé became known as one of the greatest entertainers of all time, she was a teenage girl with dreams of musical stardom. Her dreams came true when she shot to the top of the charts with Destiny’s Child in the mid-1990s. But along with success came an ego and it irritated her parents. Beyonce’s mom made sure to put her ego in check before she got out of hand. 

Beyoncé and Tina Knowles
Beyoncé and Tina Knowles 2012 | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Beyoncé’s #1 debut with Destiny’s Child’s first single ‘No, No, No Pt. II’

“No, No, No Pt II” was released in Nov. 1997. The song reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100 and sold more than 1.3 million copies, becoming certified platinum by the RIAA.

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The success of the song was surprise. The original version was actually a ballad and was to be released as the group’s debut single. It wasn’t until producer Wyclef Jean got into the studio with the girls and decided to change it up. Jean spoke about the creation of the remix in 2017 with Genius

Knowing the group was from Texas, Jean wanted the song to mimic the fast-pace rapping of the South. He asked Beyonce to speed up her vocals while she was recording as opposed to singing the song slowly. 

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“Everything was double-timing but you never heard girls doing that,” he explained. 

Beyoncé was initially hesitant about the idea, as well as the record label. “It probably was strange to the label in the beginning because this didn’t exist yet.”

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Luckily for Jean, his idea was magic and the song became the first hit he produced outside of his work with The Fugees. He also was featured on the song and had an iconic rap verse. The fast-paced singing became Destiny’s Child’s signature sound. 

Tina Knowles slapped Beyoncé in public after she disrespected her 

Beyoncé was reveling in her success. So much so that the success began to go to her head. Hollywood Unlocked shared a throwback video of the entertainer on BET’s 106 & Park while she promoted her sophomore solo album B-Day. During the episode, the hosts had several of Beyoncé’s close friends and family members appear on the show to give personal stories of the star. Her parents, Matthew and Tina Knowles, were guests on the show.

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Tina shared an embarrassing tale of the first (and last) time Beyoncé had to be scolded for being big-headed. But according to Beyoncé, her mother left out key details and she decided to fill the audience in. 

Beyoncé explained that shortly after “No, No, No Pt II’ reached platinum status, she and her mother visited a record store where the store was hosting an event. The store was packed with dozens of teenagers. 

“My mom was telling me something and I kept singing while she was talking, ignoring her,” Beyonce recalled. “She smacked the mess out of me. When I tell you, I was embarrassed!”

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According to Beyoncé, her mother gave her several warnings before the slap, but Beyoncé didn’t take heed. The slap, however, did straighten the singer out. 

“I never forget that and I’ve never done anything like that and I’m so happy she did it because it grounded me and reminded me that she can always smack the mess out of me,” the singer declared. 

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Tina’s tough love worked. Beyoncé has been lauded as one of the most kind and humble celebrities, according to industry insiders.