Beyoncé Liked Then Unliked This Picture of Kylie Jenner on Instagram

Beyoncé Knowles Carter, often thought of as the “celebrity’s celebrity,” has a very strong Instagram presence. With 137 million followers following her every move on the platform, she has turned her profile into a work of art. Often posting photos in series of three, the “Spirit” singer has a covetable aesthetic that her loyal fans (known as the Beyhive) go crazy about. But, despite the world’s obsession with the talented artist, her activity on Instagram is still fairly limited.

Beyoncé Instagram
Beyoncé | Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Disney

It’s a rare day that Beyoncé even posts captions to accompany her stunning pictures. An even more rare occurrence is when the “Mine” artist posts anything from her private life to her Instagram page. Though her husband, Jay Z, can sometimes be spotted on her feed, her children rarely make an appearance. Furthermore, though millions of people follow Beyoncé on the popular platform, she doesn’t follow anyone at all.

Beyoncé’s presence on Instagram

Part of Beyoncé’s appeal is her mysterious nature and the way she refuses to publicize her life. This extends to her presence on Instagram as well and her fans are always thrilled when she does something as simple as captioning a photo or making an Instagram story. This is why fans were shocked when The Shade Room reported that the songstress liked a recent photo of 22-year-old Kylie Jenner.

Kylie Jenner’s cleans out her closet

On January 8, 2020, Jenner took to her Instagram page to post a selfie of herself wearing an orange outfit. The billionaire is standing in her closet, surrounded by thousands and thousands of dollars worth of accessories. “Closet clean out,” the Kylie Cosmetics co-owner captioned the photo. Immediately, fans began to comment on the post asking if they could get the clothing that Jenner was giving away. Even other celebrities were coveting Jenner’s hand-me-downs. “I’ll take what u don’t want lol,” actress, Vanessa Hudgens commented on the photo.

Beyoncé likes then unlikes Jenner’s picture

The photo has already received upwards of 6 million likes. The Shade Room reported that Beyoncé was responsible for one of those likes. “#Beyonce out here giving out likes now!  #WhatItDoKylie,” they captioned a screenshot of the post in question. The Lion King star has since unliked the post, but that hasn’t stopped people from weighing in on the activity. Many people seemed to think that Beyoncé liked the post on accident, which is fairly easy to do on Instagram. “When you lurking and mistakenly like a pic I do it sometimes too,” one person wrote. “Bey somewhere punching the air for this lurking mistake ahaha,” another co-signed.

Fans claim Beyoncé’s twins or Blue Ivy are responsible for the like

Others seemed to think that Beyoncé’s kids were to blame for the like. They argued that the twins or Blue Ivy were playing on the singer’s phone and managed to like Jenner’s picture. “Calm down @theshaderoom. The twins were playing with her phone,” one fan declared. “Tell blue put that phone down!” another wrote adamantly.

Is Jenner wearing an Ivy Park outfit

Others, however, insisted that the like was intentional. They stated that the outfit Jenner is wearing in the post is from Beyoncé’s brand, Ivy Park. “I mean of course that an outfit from @weareivypark only real bee fans know,” one diehard fan said candidly. Whether Beyoncé’s liked Jenner’s Instagram post on purpose or accident remains to be seen. But, since she swiftly unliked it, it’s likely not worth debating.