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Who doesn’t want the chance to dress like Beyoncé? Recently, the artist dropped her Ivy Park X Adidas collection and within a matter of hours, it sold out online. Can fans still purchase items in stores? Here’s what we know about this burgundy, orange, and white clothing line.

Beyoncé’s Ivy Park collaborated with Adidas for a clothing line

She’s more than just an Emmy-nominated, Grammy-award winning singer and actress. Beyoncé keeps herself busy, spending time with her three kids and creating a new clothing line, thanks to a partnership with Adidas. The artist first announced this collaboration in 2019, complete with a few iconic Instagram pictures.

“My team has worked hard with the Adidas team in bringing my vision to life for this first collection and I am grateful and proud,” Beyoncé said in a news release. “From the accessories to the clothes and footwear, I wanted to design and re-imagine pieces that serve as favorite armor for anyone who acknowledges the strength in their individual style and lives freely and boldly.”

Complete with sneakers, socks, hoodies, and belts, this collection is predominately gender-neutral, featuring shades of burgundy, orange, and white. According to the news release, the launch capsule collection “of Adidas x IVY PARK celebrates power, freedom, and individuality for anyone who has the confidence to take chances and live unapologetically.”

Beyonce's Ivy Park collection goes on sale at TopShop in 2016
Beyonce’s Ivy Park collection goes on sale at TopShop in 2016 | Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

This collection dropped in stores on Jan. 18, 2020 and online late on Jan. 17, 2020

In true Beyoncé fashion, this artist keeps fans on their toes. According to USA Today, “the collection went online late Friday, early Saturday at, a few hours earlier than expected.” However, within a few hours, everything in the collection sold out.

Some fans took to social media, sharing their excitement surrounding this collection. Others shared their frustration that the collection sold out online before its official launch date.

“Beyoncé, I hope you plan to restock them… Ivy Park online stocks come tomorrow morning when the line officially drops,” one Twitter user wrote. “Ain’t nobody been at work slaving all week, for everything to be sold out the day BEFORE the Ivy Park line is supposed to drop. Don’t play me, love.”

“I waited a whole month and [two hours] online for me to not get a single Ivy Park piece,” another Twitter user wrote. However, there could still be more products available.

Is the Ivy Park x Adidas collection sold out?

If you were not one of the lucky Beyoncé fans who grabbed Ivy Park merch on Friday, (or a celebrity with the giant orange PR package,) there’s still hope. Fans can purchase Ivy Park x Adidas items at some retailers beginning on Jan. 18, 2020.

According to E! News, items in the collection will be available in select stores, including Adidas, Bloomingdale’s, Foot Locker, Finish Line, and Nordstrom. Presumably, the artist will restock her collection, or create a new one, within the coming months.

Music by Beyoncé is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and other streaming platforms. To learn more about the Ivy Park x Adidas collection, visit their website.