Did Beyoncé Send Kim Kardashian an Ivy Park Box?

From her uncharacteristically candid interview with Elle Magazine to the extensive promotion of her new line, Beyoncé ensured that her first collaboration with Adidas for her IVY PARK brand was a smashing success.

The pop legend began teasing the extensive unisex line late last year with stunning photographs and shots of herself and various well-known models wearing the deep purple and orange colors of the line.

As the Jan. 18 release date for IVY PARK x Adidas approached, the promotion got even more insane. The Lemonade songstress sent the line to nearly everyone she knew. From her mom, Tina Knowles Lawson to Reese Witherspoon — everyone and their mom seemed to snag a magic orange box full of the collection. However, there was one celebrity that Beyoncé may have ignored.

Inside Beyoncé’s IVY PARK x Adidas collection

Though it sold out almost as quickly as it went live, the “Crazy In Love” singer’s partnership with Adidas included everything from gym shoes to jumpsuits, cargo pants, tops, hoodies, dresses, biker shorts, coats, backpacks, and leggings. 

“My team has worked hard with the Adidas team in bringing my vision to life for this first collection and I am grateful and proud,” Beyoncé said in a statement. “From the accessories to the clothes and footwear, I wanted to design and re-imagine pieces that serve as favorite armor for anyone who acknowledges the strength in their individual style and lives freely and boldly.”

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This is why Beyoncé’s IVY PARK x Adidas collection is getting backlash

Though most of the IVY PARK x Adidas merch sold out within minutes of it going online, it wasn’t exactly a perfect launch. Fans have been calling the “Formation” songstress out for the limited sizes in the collection. Clothing runs only from an XS to XL.

One member of the Beyhive tweeted, “Incredibly disappointing that a woman who has made inclusion a part of her brand willfully excluded plus-size people from her athleisure line.” Another added, “I stan Beyoncé, but it’s disappointing to see that this collection only goes up to an XL, especially because Adidas recently started selling size-inclusive activewear as well.”

Beyoncé may have snubbed Kim Kardashian with her IVY PARK x Adidas collection

Though their husbands, JAY-Z and Kanye West were once like brothers, it’s no secret that Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian have never been close. When the KKW Beauty mogul never posted an orange box on her social media pages — fans took it as a sign that she’d been snubbed. “The entire Hollywood is wearing Ivy Park except for Kim? Yikes,” one fan tweeted. “Why didn’t @Beyonce send @KimKardashian and [kylie Jenner] an ivy park box? That’s literally who you want promoting your brand. They have more followers than almost anyone. Same with [Selena Gomez] and [Taylor Swift] It just doesn’t make sense,” one person asked. Another Beyhive member just wanted to be petty. “Lowkey, I wish Kim gets an Ivy Park box just so the TL can explode bc I enjoy chaos.”

It’s entirely possible, Beyoncé sent the KarJenners IVY Park boxes and they chose not to share them on social.