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Beyoncé is untouchable on stage. Before embarking on becoming a bonafide solo star, she led the quartet turned trio R&B/pop group Destiny’s Child. Her former group member LeToya Luckett says Beyoncé’s work ethic made her a standout from the start. She’s not surprised by Beyoncé’s icon status. 

LeToya Luckett, Beyonce, LaTavia Roberson, and Kelly Rowland pose for photo; Luckett says she's not surprised by Beyonce's success
Destiny’s Child | Vinnie Zuffante/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

LeToya Luckett says Beyoncé’s work ethic is what created the icon she is

Luckett performed alongside Beyoncé’ as a member of Destiny’s Child until she was kicked out the group in 1998. Despite the drama, the former group members are now friends, and Luckett remains one of Beyoncé’s biggest fans.

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While appearing on Tank’s R&B Money podcast, Luckett spoke about Beyoncé’s work ethic, noting that even as a teenager, she surpassed everyone else. She says watching her performances currently, she’s always amazed by what Beyoncé can do. Luckett explained:

I be watching her on stage sometimes, she don’t know this, but I be like, ‘We ain’t used to do that. Wait a minute. How you did that? We ain’t used to do that.’ But it came from perfecting your craft and working. When some of us wanted to go to the movies, when we did have our off time, she was in the studio sitting there by herself writing a record. I’ll never forget, were at an indoor gym situation having our fun like kids are supposed to and she sat out in the hot a–- car and was writing to a track. And I remember going, ‘Where B at?’ And they said, ‘Oh, she’s in the car.’ And I went and sat in the passenger seat and she just wrote this record. And I was like, ‘We be out here trying to have fun and this girl, she’s on it. She lives this. Like she wants this bad. It is no surprise to me that she is the icon that she is…her work ethic…I ain’t as monstrous, I’ve never seen anything like it.

The singer says Beyoncé always lent a helping hand to her group members

While Beyoncé was the lead singer and much weight was put on her, Luckett says she served as a mentor to the rest of the group to ensure all achieved a certain level of perfection. Luckett said Beyoncé sacrificed fun and relaxation for the sake of her career, explaining: 

Being around it made you feel guilty if you weren’t. ‘Like hold on, I’m not doing something right.’ She did it, she led by example. B used to sit in the booth with me while I was singing my parts. You know how normally, the lead singer, once they’ve done their role and you come in and sing your four lines and they go off and do whatever? B would sit in the booth with us on the floor in the corner and [coach us]. The support she would give us, even in the roles that we played in this, I’ll never forget that.

Source: YouTube

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LeToya Luckett has also found solo success

Luckett has used what she learned in her time in the group to have her own singing and acting career. She’s released several albums and singles, but she’s been a hit in Hollywood. Luckett currently stars in Raising Kanan, and also has credits on series such as Greenleaf