Why Beyoncé Chose Maroon, Orange, and White as the Colors of Her Ivy Park X Adidas Collection

The queen of pop music and Pride Rock is now the queen of athleisure clothing. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter dropped her Ivy Park x Adidas products during January 2020, boasting orange, maroon, and white as the main colors. Here are some fan reactions to Beyoncé’s color choices for the Ivy Park x Adidas collection.

General view of shoppers as Beyonce's Ivy Park collection goes on sale at TopShop
General view of shoppers as Beyonce’s Ivy Park collection goes on sale at TopShop | Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Beyoncé first created Ivy Park in 2016

This artist keeps herself busy with a few different endeavors. She recently voiced the character Nala in Disney’s photo-real adaptation of The Lion King, earning a Golden Globe and Grammy nomination.

In 2016, she created her own clothing line, Ivy Park, which became available for purchase at retailers like TopShop. The entrepreneur then collaborated with Adidas, bringing a new version of Ivy Park to fans across the globe. She announced this partnership in 2019, thanks to a few iconic pictures on Instagram.

Ivy Park and Adidas collaborated on a collection, which dropped during January 2020

Earlier in 2019, Beyoncé announced a reimagined version of Ivy Park, coming with a collaboration with Adidas. The Ivy Park x Adidas collection dropped during January 2020, complete with giant PR packages and a hectic pre-sale.

“My team has worked hard with the Adidas team in bringing my vision to life for this first collection and I am grateful and proud,” Beyoncé said in a news release. “From the accessories to the clothes and footwear, I wanted to design and re-imagine pieces that serve as favorite armor for anyone who acknowledges the strength in their individual style and lives freely and boldly.”

This collection included hoodies, sneakers, socks, and belts, all boasting the same three colors — burgundy/maroon, orange, and white. Within a few hours of its release, the whole collection sold out online, leaving some products only available in select stores. Because his original Ivy Park collection was mostly white and black, some fans wondered why the artist chose the colors of these products.

Why did Beyoncé choose orange, maroon, and white for this collection?

In true Beyoncé fashion, the artist has not officially done interviews to promote this clothing line. As a result, fans can only speculate why Beyoncé focused on these three colors for Ivy Park’s relaunch.

Some fans thought that it could be because orange, maroon, and white are generally “gender-neutral” colors, making this collection more inclusive. Others shared that they didn’t like the color combination of the collection but, of course, if Beyoncé says it works, then it works.

“I love the things I got. I wasn’t planning to buy anything I wouldn’t wear regularly. The maroon and orange combo is not cute to me. If everything was that colorway, I would‘ve slept through the release. But, of course, I’m more interested/excited because it’s Beyoncé,” said one Twitter user.

“Beyoncé really did something with that maroon and orange color combo. I love matching colors and stuff and I never would’ve thought those two colors blend perfectly together,” another Twitter user wrote.

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