Beyoncé Once Revealed 1 ‘Embarrassing’ Ritual — Buying 20 of Her Own Albums

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter is known for breaking records with her visual albums and surprise releases. While on The Tyra Banks Show, this artist revealed a “ritual” of going to a store and purchasing 20 copies of her own album.

Beyoncé went shopping in Walmart for her album ‘Beyoncé’

Beyoncé performs at a concert for Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton
Beyoncé performs at a concert for Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton | Brooks Kraft/ Getty Images

She doesn’t give two f***s about streaming numbers. Beyoncé is the Grammy Award-winning artist behind I Am… Sasha Fierce, B’Day, and Dangerously In Love. Recently, she released Renaissance — Act I in a three-part project. 

Even if she is a chart-topping musician, Beyoncé finds time to shop for her CDs in stores. One holiday season, she appeared at Walmart to pick up a copy of Beyoncé and give $50 each to shoppers in-store. 

Beyoncé buys her own album in stores — 20 copies to be exact 

While a guest on The Tyra Banks Show, Queen Bey participated in a “different” kind of interview. Banks’ first question was for “Buy-oncé” — “when was the last time you bought something in a store, on your own, [with] no people getting in [the way], and what did you buy?” 

“This is really, really embarrassing that you asked me this because I have a ritual,’ Beyoncé said. “Me and my friends whenever, if Jay’s album or my sister, Kelly, or Michelle — anyone’s album comes out, we all go out and buy 20 of the record.”

“And I actually went and bought 20 of my own,” Beyoncé added with a laugh. “I went into the store, and it was just me, and I pulled out my card, and I went to the register and bought 20 of my record.”

The artist said that at first, the cashier said she could only purchase one copy because they didn’t want to run out of the physical copies in the store. She added that it was posted in the store that fans could only snag one album.

“And I was like, ‘why are you doing this to me?’ That’s not right,” she joked. Banks asked who Beyoncé went shopping with, and the singer said her assistant. 

Beyoncé answered other ‘different’ questions on ‘The Tyra Banks Show’

Banks continued her interview by asking questions using versions of Beyoncé’s name, including “Brie-yoncé, what’s your favorite type of cheese?” 

“Gray-oncé, when you get older, are you going to dye your hair?”

Banks switched to questions themed to Beyoncé’s alter-ego name, Sasha Fierce. She asked, “Washa Fierce, do you sing in the shower?”

“Josh-a Fierce, which ‘Josh’ do you think is sexier,” Banks asked as pictures of Josh Brolin and Josh Lucas appeared onscreen. The host then asked questions with “ahoy,” because Beyoncé vacations on boats. Years later, the video surfaced on social media, catching the attention of fans (and celebrities) alike.

“They tearing it up in the comments,” Keke Palmer tweeted. “It’s all the ‘oncé’s’ for me lol.” 

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