Beyoncé Once Said That Those Nasty Rumors About First Pregnancy Were ‘Stupid’ and ‘Crazy’

When Beyoncé was pregnant with her first child, Blue Ivy, in 2011, rumors were going around that she wasn’t truly carrying the child. Instead, it was alleged that the singer had hired a surrogate and was walking around with a prosthetic belly. While many were convinced that the Queen Bey had gone to these great lengths to fake her pregnancy, she eventually shut down these rumors, calling them “stupid” and “the most ridiculous” ones she’s ever heard about herself.

Beyoncé posing while holding her baby bump at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards
Beyoncé | Jeff Kravitz/ Getty Images

Beyoncé said the fake pregnancy rumors were more ‘crazy’ than hurtful

Before giving birth to her daughter in 2012, Beyoncé found herself at the center of a pregnancy hoax.

The gossip began after the singer appeared on the Australian talk show Sunday Night HD. Before the interview began, Beyoncé’s baby bump appeared to deflate as she sat down, leading some viewers to think she was wearing a prosthetic belly while a surrogate carried her child.

The rumors quickly spread through the media, causing many to speculate whether Beyoncé was actually faking her pregnancy.

Beyoncé onstage at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards
Beyoncé | Kristian Dowling/PictureGroup

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It wasn’t long after these rumors made headlines that the “Crazy In Love” singer addressed hese claims, calling them “stupid, ridiculous and false,” through her publicist, according to Billboard.

“It was a fabric that folded – does fabric not fold? Oh my gosh, so stupid,” Beyoncé said.

She later claimed that the gossip surrounding her pregnancy was “crazy.”

“That was just crazy. It wasn’t hurtful, it was just crazy,” the multi-Grammy winner told People, per MTV News in 2012. “Where did they come up with this?”

Beyoncé claimed that she would never be that vain

In her 2013 HBO documentary Life Is But a Dream, Beyoncé revealed how she really felt about the baby bump controversy when it was taking the media by storm.

“There’s a stupid rumor. It’s actually the most ridiculous rumor I think I’ve ever had about me but there are actually a lot of people that believe this rumor and it’s crazy,” she said in the film. “I guess there are some crazy celebrities in the world so we get a bad rep.”

Beyoncé claimed that she would never do an act so “vain,” noting that pregnancy is something that shouldn’t be messed with.

“I respect mothers and women so much and to be able to experience bringing a child into this world, if you’re lucky enough to experience that, I would never take that for granted,” Beyoncé explained. “I mean, it’s the most powerful thing you could ever do in your life and especially after losing a child, the pain and trauma from that, just makes it mean so much more to get an opportunity to bring life into the world. It’s something that you have to respect. It just seems like people should have boundaries. There are certain things that you just shouldn’t play around with.”

Beyoncé proved gossipers wrong

On January 7, 2012, Beyoncé gave birth to her and husband Jay-Z’s first child, Blue Ivy Carter.

Blue Ivy Carter, Jay-Z, and Beyoncé onstage at the 214 MTV Video Music Awards
Blue Ivy Carter, Jay-Z, and Beyoncé | John Shearer/Invision for Images

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Five years later, the singer announced that she was pregnant with twins, showing off her growing baby bump on Instagram. In June 2017, Beyoncé gave birth to Sir and Rumi Carter.

Though the pregnancy wasn’t easy for Beyoncé in the slightest, she wouldn’t change the experience for anything as it brought her two little ones who have made her life worthwhile.

“I just feel like I’m just a new woman in a new chapter of my life and I’m not even trying to be who I was,” she said in her 2019 Netflix documentary Homecoming, per Today. “It’s so beautiful that children do that to you.”