Beyoncé Says She Can’t Do These 2 Things, and They’re Super-Relatable

It’s no secret that Beyoncé is skilled in many areas. Not only is she a talented singer, but she’s also an impeccable dancer, savvy businesswoman, exceptional actor, and a doting mother.

While many consider the Queen Bey to be a jack of trades, there are actually a few things in life she’s not the best at, which goes to show that she really is just like the rest of us at the end of the day.

Beyoncé | Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Disney

Beyoncé claims she’s not good at remembering things

Nobody’s perfect, not even the Queen Bey herself, Beyoncé.

Though she can sing, dance, act, and do many other things impeccably, the singer recently revealed two tasks she’s terrible at, which just so happen to be incredibly relatable.

During a new interview with British Vogue, the singer kept it real when asked if there’s anything she can’t do, sharing that she misplaces objects regularly just like the rest of us mere mortals.

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“I’m always losing my phone in my house or office, and I never know where my keys are,” she said. “My phone is always dead. I get days and dates confused all the time, but guaranteed, I’ll remember every detail of a conversation, what you were wearing or how your hair was styled. It’s absolutely ridiculous.”

Keeping track of important items isn’t the only thing Beyoncé is terrible at

While keeping track of certain objects has proven to be no easy feat for Bey, it turns out that that’s not the only area the singer isn’t skilled in.

During a 2006 interview with Cosmopolitan, the Grammy winner admitted that she’s not the best at cooking and even said that whipping up a homecooked meal isn’t something she dabbles in often.

“I don’t cook much,” she said. “But I’m good at spaghetti and sandwiches. I know they’re easy, but they’re my specialty.”

Even Bey’s mom, Tina Knowles-Lawson, has said the singer is not the world’s best chef.

“Beyoncé can’t cook,” Knowles-Lawson told Us Weekly in 2019. However, the House of Deréon designer did admit that daughter Solange Knowles knows her way around the kitchen, adding, “There’s no contest!”

Beyoncé’s many talents overcompensate for her occasional forgetfulness

Though Beyoncé can’t cook and is pretty forgetful at times, her expertise in other areas makes up for her inabilities — and that includes making her own honey.

During her interview with British Vogue, the “Halo” singer revealed that she has “around 80,000 bees and we make hundreds of jars of honey a year.”

While beekeeping might sound like a random hobby to have, there’s a reason why Beyoncé keeps literal “Beyhives” in her home and it has nothing to do with her loyal fan base.

“I started the beehives because my daughters, Blue and Rumi, both have terrible allergies, and honey has countless healing properties,” she added.

So, does anyone know how we can get our hands on a jar of Beyoncé honey? Just asking for a friend.