Beyoncé Championed Red Lobster in ‘Formation’, But Did It Affect Restaurant Sales?

Beyoncé is largely considered to be one of the best performers of the age. Her songs have been influencing culture for three decades now and her performances have captivated audiences around the globe. And while Beyoncé’s main focus has always been music, she’s increased her net worth with other ventures as well. The “Mine” singer has also starred in her fair share of movies, produced, and has had multiple clothing lines throughout the years.

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With all of her talent, it’s no wonder that Beyoncé has one of the largest and most intense fan bases in the world. Called the Beyhive, her fans willfully consume any and everything she puts out. Whether they’re jamming to her songs, watching her visual albums, or buying her Adidas clothing, they’re happy to show their support for Queen Bey. But everyday people aren’t the only ones who have an obsession with the singer.

Beyoncé gave Red Lobster a shoutout in one of her most memorable songs

Often known as the “celebrities’ celebrity” Beyoncé also has her fair share of famous (and even royal) fans. Actors and singers alike are constantly praising The Lion King star’s work, many of them getting completely starstruck if they happen to have a chance meeting with her. Even celebrities who are huge in their own right seem to be in awe of the singer. For example, Zendaya recently received a birthday shout out from the Destiny’s Child alum and she tweeted out that she was losing her mind. As Beyoncé tends to be very private and often sparing with her social media presence, getting a shout out from her is a big deal for most people.

But celebrities aren’t the only ones that Beyoncé shouts out. Occasionally, the Black Is King star will also shout out a brand or business as well. Back in 2016, the singer famously gave a shout out to the seafood chain restaurant, Red Lobster, in her hit song, “Formation.” The artist implied that when she was given great sexual pleasure, she rewarded her partner with a trip to Red Lobster. “When he f*ck me good, I take his a*ss” to Red Lobster” Beyoncé sang. But did the singer’s shoutout have any effect on Red Lobster’s business?

Did ‘Formation’ affect sales for Red Lobster?

Though Red Lobster wasn’t the only business that Beyoncé shouted out in “Formation” (she also referenced Givenchy in the song) Red Lobster saw a huge spike in both business and recognition following the release of the song. CNN Business reported that Red Lobster trended on Twitter for the first time following the shout out and received over 42,000 mentions in the span of one hour. Red Lobster joined in on the fun and tweeted out “‘Cheddar Bey Biscuits’ has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? #[email protected]” following the song’s release.


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And the support for Red Lobster didn’t stop on Twitter. People also put their money where their mouths were and came out in droves to support the establishment. In fact, Red Lobster reported that sales were up a whopping 33% following Beyoncé’s shoutout in comparison to the previous year. Clearly, Beyoncé’s influence knows no bounds. We’re sure other restaurants are hoping that they may one day score a shout out from Queen Bey also.