Beyoncé’s 39th Birthday Celebration On a 300-Foot Megayacht Proves She and Jay-Z Never Do Anything Low Key

Beyoncé celebrated her 39th birthday on Sept. 4, and rumors were swirling about how she and her husband Jay-Z spent the special day. Notoriously secret about the inner workings of their private life, it was difficult for anyone to get details about how the couple planned to celebrate Queen Bey’s born day. However, more details have been uncovered, as of late. 

Social media users began speculating that the two had taken their family to a private island off of the coast of Europe. Recently obtained photos show Beyoncé and Jay-Z with their children on a massive, 300-foot yacht off the coast of Croatia, confirming that the couple brought in Bey’s birthday near Europe. Their enormous vacation yacht is every bit as luxurious as fans of the couple would imagine. 

Beyoncé’s was showered in love on her 39th birthday

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Beyoncé celebrated her 39th birthday on Sept. 4, and the world definitely took notice. The superstar singer received an outpouring of love and appreciation from countless fans, colleagues, and prominent entertainers.  

In particular, her two former Destiny’s Child groupmates, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, expressed gratitude for the singer, sharing heartfelt Instagram posts to show their love.

“To my one who knows me, sometimes better than I know myself!” Rowland said.  “YOU already know… Forever and ever babe! Happy Happy Birthday Love!”

Williams’ post spoke more to Beyoncé’s insane work ethic and drive to become the superstar she is today. 

“Bey always gets people with the baby pics or younger year type pics, so I thought I’d do the same,” Williams wrote. “The awesome thing about this picture is that it causes me to reflect on how you KNEW who you wanted to be! You worked super hard and you are truly who you’ve always wanted to be!! I’m so honored to not only know who you’ve wanted to be as an artist and to experience that with you but an even greater joy to see the woman, sister and friend you continue to be!”

She closed the caption with a bit of humor, as well. 

“This pic can also serve as an encouragement of how everyone pretty much starts out the same way……there’s no way of dodging the corny school pictures unless you purposely skipped school picture day or maybe unfortunately not feeling well that day.”

Beyoncé and Jay-Z celebrated her birthday on a 300-foot megayacht

On par with their luxury lifestyle, Beyoncé and Jay-Z rented an enormous yacht to celebrate the singer’s birthday in privacy. Along with their children, the billionaire couple sailed the Mediterranean Sea on a yacht called LANA, according to TMZ. The tremendous boat is apparently “longer than a football field” and includes features such deck, a theater, a spa with professional masseuses, and foldable terraces. Recreational items such as jet skis and wakeboards are also available for use, among others.

As far as lodging is concerned, the yacht is capable of fitting up to 12 guests and has 8 en-suite staterooms, 7 VIP rooms, and a master suite. It’s estimated to cost about $2 million a week to rent, as is exclusively for charter with Imperial Yachts.

If nothing else, Beyoncé’s lavish megayacht birthday celebration shows the world that the iconic couple is making the most of their 2020, regardless of the circumstances.