Beyoncé’s Celebrity Rider Demanded Temperature Control and Baked Chicken Legs

One of the perks of being a big name is the demands they’re able to make with celebrity riders. Many superstars may take their requests to the extreme, but some definitely have the influence to ask for anything their heart desires. Beyoncé is a great example. Beyoncé‘s star power is off the charts, but her celebrity rider demands are relatively simple. See if you agree. 

How Beyoncé became a success story

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Beyoncé first came into public awareness as the lead singer of Destiny’s Child in the 1990s. The all-girl group was massively successful, with hits like Say My Name, Survivor, and Bootylicious.

But eventually, the group disbanded and Beyoncé struck out on her own. She branched into acting, taking on roles in  Austin Powers in Goldmember, The Pink Panther, and Dreamgirls. Even though she was very successful in the movies, Beyoncé knew her true talents lay in music. She released her first solo album, Dangerously in Love in 2003, which opened as number one on the Billboard 200 charts, surpassing 5 million in US sales. 

Since then, Beyoncé’s career has only continued to grow. Hits like Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) have made her not only a pop star but a cultural icon and role model to an entire generation. 

What is Beyonce’s celebrity rider?

Most of us outside the celebrity world don’t think much about riders, but when someone makes it big, it comes with certain perks. A celebrity rider is a notation in their contract, which lists the specific snacks, relaxation necessities, or any other items, which the celebrity needs available at every performance. The bigger their celebrity status, the more demands they are able to make. 

When Beyoncé is booked for a performance, there are a number of things she expects. According to Business Insider, there must be a large catering table, dressed in white tablecloths, to hold all of Queen Bey’s favorites. She used to require juicy baked chicken, including the legs, wings, and breast only and seasoned heavily with fresh garlic, season salt, black pepper, and Cayenne pepper.

And don’t forget the veggies. Beyoncé requires steamed garlic broccoli, lightly seasoned green beans, and lightly seasoned steamed spinach. Her ride may not be more veggies than chicken as she’s plant-based.

As far as beverages, Beyoncé can only have Pepsi products due to a contract with the company. So, don’t even think about having Coca-Cola anywhere near her. But obviously, the music star doesn’t just drink soda. When working, Beyoncé will require a case of Aquafina, half cold and half room temperature. She also expects a hot tea set-up with fresh lemon wedges. 

The atmosphere in her dressing room is another important detail for Beyoncé. The thermostat must be set at exactly 78 degrees. She requires rose-scented candles, a lighter, a CD player, and four brand-new towels (two for her face, and two for her body). 

This all seems like a lot, but considering the massive influence that Beyonce holds, it’s actually pretty restrained. 

Beyoncé’s massive star power

Beyoncé | Paul Warner/WireImage

Celebrities are able to ask for more in their rider depending on their star status. And Beyoncé definitely has that power. She’s one of the biggest celebrities of our time. With a net worth of $355 million ( $1.6 billion if you include her husband, Jay-Z’s worth), Beyoncé has more influence than anyone could ever want.

There’s no one bigger in the entertainment industry than Beyoncé. Even very successful artists, like Cardi B, routinely mention her in their music. Her birthday is a holiday celebrated by fans all over the world as “Bey-Day,” and even former President Barack Obama called her a perfect “role model for his girls.” There’s no doubt that Beyonce has the star power and influence to demand anything she wanted in her celebrity rider.