Beyonce’s Parenting Style Is Way Closer to Kylie Jenner’s Than You Would Think

Being famous is a fulltime job. And for celebrities like Beyonce, that job is on top of their already grueling schedule. The singer is one of the top performers in the world. Unlike many other artists, she is in control of everything that she puts out, every dance that she does, every tour that she produces. But on top of that, she’s a mother. Motherhood, in itself, is hard, but to balance that with being an international celebrity must be nearly impossible.

Beyonce | Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner, while not a performer, also has to deal with fame, running her business, and raising her daughter Stormi. While you may think that these two have very little in common, in reality, their parenting styles are pretty close.

How Beyonce parents

Between her tours, filming documentaries, and extreme workout regimens, you may think that Beyonce leaves her three children to be raised by nannies, but that just isn’t the case.

“Beyoncé is a very hands on mom,” a source told HollywoodLife. “She never misses a school meeting or function for Blue. She’s very involved and doesn’t rely heavily on nannies when it comes to all things school.”

The songstress even helps out with things in her oldest daughter, Blue’s, classroom.

“She volunteers and helps out just like everyone else,” the source continued. “Everyone treats her like every other mom and she always says yes to helping out at school or in the classroom. You can tell she does not want to be treated any differently just because she’s famous.”

And Blue doesn’t behave any differently than your average kid.

“Blue is a very normal, smart, happy and outgoing and has a lot of friends,” the source said. “Beyoncé and  JAY-Z are very friendly with other parents at the school, too. They really are just a normal family.”

How does Kylie Jenner parent?

With her new billionaire status, Jenner has a lot of projects that keep her busy. On top of that, she and Travis Scott, the father of her child, just called it quits. But despite all of that, Jenner is reportedly a superstar when it comes to motherhood.

“Kylie Jenner hasn’t at all struggled as a single mom,” a source close to Jenner told the outlet. “She’s thriving and though she has help from nannies, she is very hands on, changing diapers, and taking Stormi to the local park. She’s spotted often walking Stormi in her toy cars or a stroller in her neighborhood with a bodyguard multiple times a week.”

And just like Beyonce, Jenner prefers the hands-on approach to motherhood.

“Kylie takes Stormi practically everywhere she can with her and hasn’t left her for more than a night or two yet,” the source continued. “She’s an amazing mother and does everything for her daughter including bringing her into her offices regularly and if she needs to take a call or jump in a meeting, her staff will watch her. Everyone’s just used to it by now and knows if you see Kylie, you see Stormi, too. She’s just the happiest little girl and always smiling. Stormi truly is her best friend.”