‘Big Brother’ 21: Are Jackson Michie and Holly Allen Still Together?

Though people pretend to hate showmances on Big Brother, they are what keeps the show interesting. By getting into a showmance, contestants automatically put a target on their back with the rest of the housemates. On the other hand, they typically become more popular with the public, which is why contestants have been known to even fake showmances in the past.

Jackson Michie and Holly Allen
Jackson Michie and Holly Allen | Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

When Jackson Michie and Holly Allen got together on Big Brother season 21, people doubted their romance at first. But the relationship persisted and by the end of the season, the two were still going strong. So, are they still together now?

Jackson Michie and Holly Allen’s relationship

Michie got into a number of arguments with several housemates on the show, and Allen was not exempt from that. But despite their bickering, the pair made it to the final two together. Ultimately, Michie won the game and the $500,000 prize with a 6-3 vote.

When asked what he would do with his winnings, he told Entertainment Weekly that he might spend some of it on Allen.

“I might splurge on a trip with Holly… a change of scenery,” he said.

Though he was thinking about traveling with Allen, Michie wasn’t so sure where the relationship would go outside of the house.

“Holly is easily one of the best things that happened to me,” he said. “She had a great head on her shoulders. And in that house with no distractions people bicker. I’ve had arguments with just about everybody in that house, and that’s part of it.”

“But I really do have the utmost respect for her. I want for us to be able to live life together after this week. Ironically enough, we’re in the same city. So it won’t be hard.”

He continued, sharing that he and Allen might not always be romantically involved.

“But I’ve always said, she said it too, whether we are in a relationship or not, it will not change the fact that we will both be in each other’s lives.”

And that includes if they both end up with different partners.

“If we don’t end up together and she gets a new boyfriend, sorry dude, but I will be one of her best friends. And same for me. So it’s part of the deal,” Michie said.

And Allen shared the same sentiments.

“We’re seven years apart and have a lot of very, very different interests, and we know that,” she told the outlet. “We’ve acknowledged it since the beginning.”

“The one thing we promised to one another before anything started romantically is that regardless of how it turned out, we would be friends forever.”

Are Holly and Jackson still together?

Though neither of them were sure where their relationship would go, Allen and Michie’s relationship is now stronger than ever. Michie even introduced Allen to his family over Thanksgiving.

“Boyfriend appreciation post,” she captioned a recent picture of her and Michie on Instagram. “Maybe it’s because I can’t drink that I’m gettin all [cheese]y instead. Sorry, folks. Proceed with caution. This is my person. My source of comfort. My home.”

“I’ve been sicker than I ever have been this past month and this guy hasn’t left my side. The only problem is… we always laugh and now it turns into coughing attacks. And sometimes he holds me so close it hurts my lungs.  But not being able to control laughter and hugging too tightly are pretty decently ok problems. Thank you for making each day a little happier. I love you a lottle, J.”