‘Big Brother 21’ Star Christie Murphy Addresses Allegations of Racism and Bullying in the House

During Big Brother 21, Twitter and Reddit blew up with accusations of the Houseguests being racists and bullies. From the first three evictees, all who happened to be minorities, to eight Houseguests locking someone out of a room, this season has been filled with questionable behavior.

One of the Houseguests at the center of most online controversy, Christie Murphy, posted a video on her Instagram Story claiming she’s not a racist and will go Live to answer any questions about the sketchy comments she may have made in the house.

Christie Murphy
Christie Murphy | Sonja Flemming

‘Big Brother 21’ Christie Murphy addressed bullying Nicole Anthony

Even though Christie Murphy said she would answer any questions, the boutique owner ignored them and instead focused on the bullying incident where Murphy, including seven other Houseguests, locked Nicole Anthony out of the Head of Household room.

When it happened on the Live Feeds, Twitter erupted with anger as they felt the alliance bullied Anthony by not allowing her to speak up for herself while they accused her of lying and planting seeds to break their group apart.

Murphy quickly addressed the situation when host Julie Chen Moonves brought it up during the finale, but went more into detail on her Instagram Live.


The boutique owner denied personally locking Anthony out of the room and claimed she didn’t slam the door in anyone’s face. However, Murphy did own up to participating in the “hate fest” and apologized for their “gross” behavior.

She blamed her actions on the game and the house making them crazy but admitted they were on a “power trip” and thought they would dominate the rest of the competition.

Murphy also claimed she “adores” Anthony and cried during her Diary Room sessions several times because she knew they were bullying the preschool aide and didn’t want her to go home.

‘Big Brother 21’ Christie Murphy explained why she’s not on Twitter

Also, in the Live, Murphy explained that she doesn’t use Twitter because it’s “literally an evil place.” Naturally, she began to get emotional and said it’s “so yucky,” so she would rather stay away from it because she believes Twitter is filled with “consistent hate” and people “dragging” her.


Therefore, she doesn’t participate on the social media platform because “out of sight out of mind.” However, Big Brother fans criticized Murphy for purposely avoiding Twitter as they believe she’s trying to avoid having to take any responsibility for her actions.

‘BB21’ Christie Murphy responds to allegations that she’s racist

In an Instagram interaction with a follower, one day before her Live, Murphy recounted the reasoning behind her fractured relationship with Houseguest Kemi Fakunle.

She wrote, “It really baffles me how ‘microaggressions’ are automatically associated with race. I can only speak for myself personally, but anything aggressive I have EVER said too / about Kemi or any other Houseguest was purely based off of MY personal experiences with these people as INDIVIDUALS. I have NEVER once categorized anyone by their race, religion, gender, beliefs, etc. Also, to answer your question from before, I accused Kemi of hiding my laundry bag because when I went around the entire house asking each of my roommates if they’ve seen it, or if they knew where it was, they all responded with a simple, ‘No, I haven’t seen it, I’m sorry.’ Kemi’s response was a laugh & eyeroll. So… THAT’S where my ASSUMPTION came from.”

Once again, Big Brother fans did not like Murphy’s response as they believe there is Live Feed footage where the boutique owner makes hateful comments about Fakunle for reasons other than a laundry bag.