‘Big Brother 21’: Did Holly Allen and Kathryn Dunn Know They Both Applied for the Show Before the Season Started?

Big Brother 21 had a lot of fans talking before it even started. That’s because some of the cast members knew each other before the show.

Kathryn Dunn and Holly Allen ran in the same circles before Big Brother. They talked about their connection on the show, but we never found out if they knew they both applied for the show. Find out what Holly had to say about that and more.

Multiple houseguests knew each other on ‘Big Brother 21’

This season started off in an interesting way because multiple houseguests knew each other. Fans were able to see Tommy Bracco and Christie Murphy’s connection because they had a picture together on Instagram. That’s because she dated his aunt before the show.

“I LOVE MY FAMILY MORE THAN ANYTHING!!!!!!!” read the caption of a group photo with the cast members together. The picture was from Thanksgiving in 2015.

Tommy and Christie decided to team up immediately but wanted to keep their past a secret. They mostly managed to be successful until they both went into the jury house.

Kathryn and Holly knew each other

They weren’t the only houseguests to know each other. Kathryn and Holly also knew each other, but took some time before teaming up together.

“Holly and I, we actually have more than just [Jackson] Michie in common. We both are in the pageant world. We both do promo modeling,” Kathryn explained on the show. “We don’t exactly know each other, but our lives are very intertwined.”

Holly talked about her feelings of having someone in the house that she knows. “This is such a weird situation,” she said. “I feel like I want to trust her because I recognize her face, but really we’re just kind of getting to know each other.”

They decided to have a final two alliance together. That didn’t work out and Holly made it to the finale with Jackson Michie. But did Holly and Kathryn know they applied for the show before it started?

Holly saw Kathryn at finals

Holly Allen on 'Big Brother'
Holly Allen on ‘Big Brother’ | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

Holly said she was friends with Kathryn for years on Instagram. They ran in the same circles because of beauty pageants and worked for competing energy drink companies. However, they weren’t close friends outside of that.

There is still a question of whether they knew they both applied for this season. “I saw her at finals,” Holly said on Rob Has a Podcast. “But I was way too scared to say a word. Like I was way too nervous to say anything.”

Her main worry was about ruining her chances to get cast on the show. “I was even so paranoid before going on the show,” she added. She said she saw former houseguests from season 19, Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson at a wedding a week before the show and she was too scared to talk to them.

Holly still isn’t clear if their casting was a mistake. “And I still don’t even know if Kat and I were supposed to know each other,” she said. “If that was supposed to be a twist, or if that was just an oopsie. Like I genuinely don’t know.”

We might never know if it was planned or an accident. But Holly managed to make it far despite losing the person she knew before the season.