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So far in Big Brother 21, Bella, a member of the alliance, Gr8ful, joined a separate pact with Jessica, Kemi, and Nicole called The Black Widows. However, Bella blew up the all-girl union, only minutes after the formation to then-Head of Household Jack. Cliff, Nicole, and Ovi also created an alliance called Fellowship of the…ZIIING! While having his daily talk with the cameras, Cliff spilled his entire gameplay to an eavesdropping Christie. She then took the information back to Gr8ful and wants him nominated next. Additionally, Nicole and Kemi realized Bella is playing both sides of the fence. Therefore, Kemi called her and Nick out before eviction. Finally, Nick is the new Head of Household after winning the dart throwing competition last week.

In Big Brother 21 Episode 9, Michie blamed the rogue vote he cast for Jessica on Nicole, and Kemi and Bella have a minor physical altercation. Nick begins doubting the loyalty of Gr8ful and the campers participate in the last whactivity competition of the season. Who won the Panic Whactivity and which houseguests are on the chopping block? Keep reading to find out!

Big Brother 21 Episode 9
Jessica Milagros, Christie Murphy, Ovi Kabir, Analyse Talvera, David, Alexander; L-R second row: Kathryn Dunn, Cliff Hogg, Sam Smith, Jackson Michie, Holly Alexander, Jack Matthews, Tommy Bracco, Kemi Fakunle, Nick Macaroni, Isabella Wang, Nicole Anthony | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Who won the Panic Whactivity in ‘Big Brother 21’ Episode 9?

Called Madagascar Mayhem, the campers had to sift through hundreds of hissing Madagascar cockroaches to find symbols which translated into a message. The houseguest who locked in the correct answer with the fastest time won the Panic Power.

Analyse went first and had no problem decoding the message: Don’t meet Julie on eviction night. However, she kept clocking in the incorrect answer because she misspelled Julie several times. Next, Jessica, who desperately needs any power or assistance in the Big Brother game, could not decipher the diamond symbol.

Then Nick competed, but he couldn’t figure out the majority of the message. Christie went next and solved the puzzle almost immediately, but she took a while trying to find the “t” in “meet.” Completing the whactivity in only seven minutes and 41 seconds, Christie took home the win.

The Panic Power turns the golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and can save someone from elimination while also nominating another houseguest to take their spot. While Christie and Tommy celebrated her win, Jack walked into the room. He explained Ovi’s Nightmare Power and his Chaos Power, but Christie did not tell Jack she holds the Panic Power.

Which houseguests could join Camp Comeback?

During the last eviction, Michie cast a rogue vote for Jessica to pin it on Nicole in an attempt to get her nominated. He told Nick, several times, about how he thinks it was her because she acted paranoid. The fact that he kept saying Nicole’s name caused Nick and Bella to believe Michie is the one who cast the vote.

Nick said he wants Nicole to stay in the house, and told her he doesn’t believe she voted for Jessica. But he also wouldn’t tell her he thinks it’s Michie. Instead, the Head of Household promised he would not nominate her.

Cliff talked to Nick and told him he would have no hard feelings if Nick nominated him as a pawn. He also offered his services to work with Nick and Bella. However, Nick admitted in the confessional that Cliff is his real target on Big Brother 21 Episode 9.

Talking to Sam and Bella, Nick said he doesn’t think Gr8ful will stay together much longer. He believes he and Bella are at the bottom of the alliance and would get voted out first. Sam suggested Nick not lay around and wait to get eliminated, but start making power moves and nominate Jack or Michie.

Nicole reinforced Sam’s idea when she told Nick about a conversation they had, where Michie suggested he and Nicole team up against Nick and Bella. Even though this hurt the showmance’s feelings, he still chose to nominate Jessica and Cliff because they were already on the block before.

To find out which camper will join Camp Comeback, watch Big Brother 21 Wednesdays at 8 P.M. on CBS!